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  1. Ihasanafro

    Recommendations <=$80

    FYI the Superlux HD668B, Samson SR850 and CAD Audio MH310 Closed-Back are the same headphone. The CAD is just the closed version of it
  2. Ihasanafro

    Good headphones under 150$

    Personally, after listening to the ATH-M50's, Ultrasone's and even some Shure SRH840, imo they are so over priced.  I would go for the CAL! at 100USD. They, imo, sound better than the M50's and cost half (over here in the UK they are more than half the price) They are super super comfortable...
  3. Ihasanafro

    Does anyone wear fullsize headphones out in public?

    Teenager here, I use the CAL! outside and in school I'm thinking on picking up the DT770 but they are just too big I think to use within school s:
  4. Ihasanafro

    Making my first serious headphones purchase - advice please!

    I am in the EXACT same situation as you.  I was going to go for the 25's because of the superb isolation people say they have which is kinda important for me when youre on a noisy bus.. but they are at the very very very very end of my budget.. I might pick up the ATH-M50(S) as Amazon US...
  5. Ihasanafro

    Audio Technica ATH-M50 vs AKG K550 vs Sennheiser HD 25-1 ii

    Not that I've listened to any of the headphones you've mentioned, for portability I would go with the sens From what I've read the isolate miles more than the other two and are small headphones which is good for portability I would secondly go for the M50s due to the music you listen to
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    What headphones should I get? ~150

    Go with the DT770s if you cab find then in your budget, definitely the path to go (I don't have those headphones, just done tonnes of research)
  7. Ihasanafro

    Any closed over ears for €100?

    CAL! I have them, they're amazing for inside use, lots of good bass, somewhat recessed mids, good highs. due to low isolation they're not amazing when used in busy environments outside They're insanely comfortable too! EDIT: I read € as £...
  8. Ihasanafro

    Creative Aurvana Live: Disappointed (LONG)

    It looks like I misunderstood what reviewers meant by isolation
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    New IEM help?

    I have no knowledge of any of those other than the DTX and M2's sorry
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    New IEM help?

    I absoultly LOVED the Beyerdynamic DTX 101ie but they are a very bass heavy headphone, not too overpowering in my ears when listening to rock They go for 80 dollars which is a steal as they go for £65 here in the UK..
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  12. Ihasanafro

    Looking for good headphones that fit my afro :|

    Okay thanks guys for the answers, just because my M2's are faulty and I like using full size cans but with my hair its not really viable outside.   Thanks anyway (: