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  1. cobretti

    γ3 DAC built

    Yes, Par Metal it is. The cover of the box has big lines imprinted on each side where the aluminum sheet was folded, and it doesn't look good. I would go with Hifi2000 next time.
  2. cobretti

    γ3 DAC built

    Yes, the front and rear panels are from FPE. The case is from....? I forgot the company name but suggestions for case is listed on AMB website.
  3. cobretti

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    Connectors are good. WBT are really good connectors. Cable is HarmonicTech just cut half. The braid is original HT.
  4. cobretti

    γ3 DAC built

  5. cobretti

    γ3 DAC built

    And of course custom made remote control is a must have!
  6. cobretti

    γ3 DAC built

    I built couple projects from AMB with success and therefore I decided to approach to this advanced γ3 DAC build. I followed all instruction on AMB website except of a power supply that I made my own, based on low noise SSR01 power supply originally designed by Walt Young but PCB was made by...
  7. cobretti

    New project from AMB Labs announced: Gamma 1.5

    Yes, I built one. It is fun little project with big reward at the end. If you have moderate soldering skills then it shouldn't be a problem to solder chips in SSOP package. Proper soldering technique and magnifying glass will definitely help here. Through hole parts (resistors and capacitors)...
  8. cobretti

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    I also put together balanced XLR cables using Canare L-4E6S wire withd Neutrik XLR connectors.
  9. cobretti

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    I also made these Belkin coax with Canare RCA connectors. However, these connectors are crimped and proper tool is required.
  10. cobretti

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    Here is my digital cable with Harmonic Technology coax and WBT-0144 RCA connectors.
  11. cobretti

    AKG N40

    The only thing I don't like about them is detachable connectors that I couple times pulled them out accidentally.
  12. cobretti

    How to set up Foobar?

    I do have all CDs stored on HD in WAV. I am using SoX to upsample to 192kHz to send it to my γ3 DAC, there is slight improvement. I would say the sound is more dynamic.
  13. cobretti

    Cable replacement for AKG K702

    OK. I found couple sellers for this cable. But, I also found an article people describing making their own cable. I was thinking to make the cable myself using Canare L-4E6S wire. It is a star quad cable. Does anyone have and experience with this cable or can someone recommend other cable...
  14. cobretti

    AKG K702

    I currently have AKG K702 headphones but looking at Sennheiser HD 600. Does anyone know the sound difference? Thanks.
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