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    Dance, like music, is the expression of the human spirit. Dance is "visual music" - S. Janaki (Singer & composer)   So, let's enjoy and share some "visual music". I will periodically link dance videos that I've enjoyed and hope to discover more through this thread.   Rules are simple : Embed...
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    *New 2015* Signature Acoustics O-16 Live Review : Setting the Stage

     Signature Acoustics O-16 Live Review :  Setting the Stage      INDEX (Click to jump directly to sections):   Introduction Packaging, Accessories and Comfort Sound Common sound impressions Let’s do something about it/Mods Comparisons Value and Conclusion   Introduction:  ...
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    The like/rep btton is not clickable? Grey-ed out.

    I suddenly notice a few hours ago that the rep button is grey-ed out and unclickable.   Tried on different browsers Tried cleaning every sort of cache and temp files. Tried another computer.   Am I making a mistake? Or has it been disabled? Could you look into it. I'd like to continue...
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    Vivo X5Max : Audiophile powerhouse? [Sabre ES9018K2M DAC, Yamaha YSS-205X signal processor, Sabre ES9601 headphone amp and OPA1612 amplifier[

    Like its sibling devices, the X5Max places heavy emphasis on its audio performance, which is why it packs some dedicated audio chips -- Yamaha YSS-205X signal processor, Sabre ES9018K2M DAC, exclusive Sabre ES9601 headphone amplifier and OPA1612 amplifier -- as part of its "Hi-Fi 2.0" package...
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    HIFIMAN RE300a/ RE300i InLine and RE300h (hifi) Earphone launched! *Impressions added*

    HIFIMAN RE300a/ RE300i InLine Control and RE300h (HIFI) Earphone   Impressions and reviews linked below   HIFIMAN RE300a/ RE300i InLine HIFIMAN RE300h (HIFI) Earphone Specifics: Advanced ergonomics for comfort and extended listening Stylish design and light weight 3.5mm plug...