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  1. indieman

    Recommend Speakers for my room?

    Hello! Recently I decided to get rid of my huge diy floor standing speakers in my room to clear up some space (they also didn't sound that great >.<)   Now I'm looking for some replacements, but there's so much out there it's mind boggling! I've decided to limit myself to something under $200...
  2. indieman

    AblePlanet Clear Harmony SI550a iems?

    Does anyone have these/know if they are any good? Triple drivers is what caught my attention...
  3. indieman

    Audioquest interconnect for headphone cable?

    I'm looking for a replacement headphone cable for some v-moda m100s, and was wondering if any of the audioquest interconnect cables (such as the evergreen) would be suitable? I get a good discount on audioquest because of my work. Thanks!
  4. indieman

    sony xbah1 or senn ie60

    Well I'm a bit stumped. I'd like to get a nice set of iems for when I'm away from home and my beloved hd598's, and I think I've narrowed it down to these 2. I know the senn ie60 are more expensive, just wondering if they're that much of an improvement from the Sony xbah1? I read some reviews...
  5. indieman

    AudioQuest Dragonfly and iPhone 5?

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of picking up an AudioQuest Dragonfly DAC and was curious if it works with idevices like the iPhone 5? Much thanks in advance.
  6. indieman

    New tips for sp51p?

    Anyone know if the shure olives or comply foam tips fit the mee sp51p? I can't find a local store to try them and would hate to purchase the tips online then not fit :/ If it helps, I tried Sony hybrid tips I used with my old M6's, way too small of a stem/core! Much thanks :3
  7. indieman

    Chromebook as source?

    I'm looking for a source for my listening area. I'll be using the AudioQuest DragonFly as my dac/amp, and want to have my music library on a usb 3.0 external hdd. I don't have a lot of room or budget for a big computer or expensive ultra book. This Samsung chromebook is perfect for my size...