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  1. Peddler

    Dekoni pads for WH1000xm2 - experiences?

    Hi I'm hoping some members on the forum have tried the Dekoni replacement pads for the WH1000XM2 (not XM3) Bluetooth headphones? Just some info upfront about how I currently use them. I mostly listen with active noise cancelling switch off. I love the sound character of the Sony's and...
  2. Peddler

    Sony WH1000XM3 - are the pads compatible with the XM2's?

    Hi Hoping someone knows the answer to this - are the pads on the new WH1000XM3's compatible with the older XM2 models? If so does anyone know if Sony will make these available as a spare part? Really hoping someone could answer this - I've no intention of upgrading the headphones but it...
  3. Peddler

    Sony WH1000XM2 - review posted

    Hi Folks I've finally got round to reviewing these excellent noise cancelling headphones. I hope you find it useful.
  4. Peddler

    Bluetooth Etymotic ER4P 's

    Sorry for the misleading title. I just had to share a recent discovery regarding the 1More Ibfree bluetooth headphones. I found the sound of these to be somewhat bass light and a little too strident in the top end when using the standard supplied tips. I was reluctant to mess around with eq...
  5. Peddler

    [Review] - MPOW - Dual driver wired in ear monitors

    MPOW are making some pretty impressive sounding inexpensive headphones - they’re focus appears to be on wireless bluetooth models and they are proving to be very popular. MPOW very kindly sent me a pair of their all metal, dual driver in ear monitors free of charge to review.   Background  ...
  6. Peddler

    Chromecast audio - can anyone comment on sound quality?

    Hi there. I've bit posted for quite some time. I have become a professional lurker. Does anyone have the new Chromecast Audio device yet and, if so, could they comment on the sound quality please. I've tried several different 30 pin Bluetooth dongle thibgs on my Sony IPod dock system and...
  7. Peddler

    Hi Guys - I'm back

    Anything interesting happened whilst I was gone?
  8. Peddler

    IPOD question - Please help

    Hi I'm hopefully getting a ued 20gb Ipod (Windows version) in the next day or two. As far as I know there is already some music on the thing. I need to know how to connect it to my PC in a way which doesn't wipe the pod clean - i.e. is it a case of turning autosync off on Musicmatch? Should I...
  9. Peddler

    Anyone recognise this player's case?

    Wonder what it sounds like???
  10. Peddler

    Creative Nomad Jukebox 3 Review

    Hi There. I have had some adventures in MP3 land over the past few weeks. I decided that I was getting fed up with trying to find something to listen to. Being an (ex) avid MD user that meant searching through two lots of media. The SlimX gave me an idea of just how far things have come on...
  11. Peddler

    Review of the RioRiot HD-MP3 Player

    I won’t go into details about the physical aspects of the player as this information is easily available on the net for anyone to look at. Needless to say the player is fairly large and heavy but does fit in your pocket. The player comes supplied with a pouch and belt clip. The display is...
  12. Peddler

    Iriver2 Line Noise & MP3 quality opinions

    I read somewhere that the reason why there's line noise with the Iriver2 is something to do with the power amp being on full and controlled with a digital control. My sony D-915 uses the same principle and it doesn't suffer at all with noise. Having said that, when using headphones like the...
  13. Peddler

    Just ordered the Iriver 2

    Hi Y'All I'm sitting here listening to the Rio Volt CD/MP3 player that I purchased today from my local Argos. Sound quality wise, this player is actually very impressive. However, having just read a review of the Iriver 2, I've decided to order it from So this player is...