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  1. Tem

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    wow chickenman, your ipod is sexy. every time i see a touch, i debate on holding off on getting a new 32gb model or if i should just wait for the zune hd?
  2. Tem

    Fuze has arrived

    post pics!!!!
  3. Tem

    Do BlackBerries sound half decent?

    What no lmao even a PSP sounds better...surprisingly.
  4. Tem

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron909 You really inspired me for a new setup. Could I get a list of everything in this photograph? Meaning what monitor/speakers/desk/etc? I don't want to sound annoying but this is absolutely clean and nice.
  5. Tem

    Samsung Juke?

  6. Tem

    2G Nano Woes

    Yeah. I tried 4 different types of headphones, they all work fine with my PC, my moms laptop, and my 2gb clip, but not the Nano. I am starting to think it is the headphone jack also.
  7. Tem

    2G Nano Woes

    I got a blue second generation 4 gigabyte ipod nano. the audio sounds like...theres no bass but you can just hear the words. everything else works fine. i restored it 3 times. firmware is 1.1.3, Any ideas?
  8. Tem

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XII]

    Kinda rediculous how I am hoping to see new pics of peoples rigs....instead quotes of peoples images.
  9. Tem

    Skullcandy coming to Singapore?

    funny how the skullcandy brand sucks but they are selling like mad...
  10. Tem

    USB vs AUX Sound Quality?

    In terms of: Sound Card -> USB (Mini System has USB support called "USB Link") Sound Card -> AUX/Gameport (Gameport is for video game consoles but in reality its the same thing) which of the 2 is better? like if i continued using the AUX from the mini system to the sound card of my PC...
  11. Tem

    USB vs AUX Sound Quality?

    Is there a difference? In terms of like hooking a mini system to a PC.
  12. Tem

    Stereo Hookup to PC?

    I have a Phillips stereo that can be hooked up to my PC via USB Link which is what I have been doing, but it also has AUX and "Gamer Port" (similiar to aux). With Gamer Port, I can plug my Sansa Clip into one end the and other end is the Gamer Port which is the red yellow white audio/video...
  13. Tem

    wow! i'm in love!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ricardo Dawkins do you need case for a Zune 30 or Zune 80 ??? Mine goes in my pocket just with nothing to protect it....truly a portable gear... Got any pics of your setup?
  14. Tem

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XI]

    Quote: Originally Posted by Amblin Wow, was this comment absolutely necessary? yeah like What
  15. Tem

    Help Me Bring My Ipod 3rd Gen Back to Life

    Ah its so nice to see someone keeping it "real" as they would say. I would buy a "Hard drive enclosure to test current drive" FIRST just to say you have one for future problems/tests/etc. Second of all. Why not go "Compactflash"? WILL help with your battery problem and at the same time it...
  16. Tem

    iPod 5.5 vs 6?

    What do people think about the iPod Video/Classic 5.5g vs the 6g as in terms of SQ and overall? I ask because some kid is giving me a somewhat brand new 5.5 80GB for like $80. Was just curious.
  17. Tem


    Oh noooooo. I am with lamewing. The PSP stomps all over the iPod's SQ. (not sure about the iPhone) The SQ I would say is at best, better then all iPods besides the 1G 1GB Shuffle and MAYBE the 1G 1/2/4GB iPod Nano. The only thing I didn't like is the PSP's volume is too low but there is...
  18. Tem

    What is a CD player! Please help!!!

    How can you not know what a CD player is? lmao
  19. Tem

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part X]

    Quote: Originally Posted by Reynaldo sorry here is the pic What case and Rockbox theme is that?
  20. Tem

    Sansa Clip or e250?

    The Sansa Clip is a joke. I was so excited in passed threads when I bought mine because it was different from what I owned before which was 30gb zune, 30gb creative, and a 30gb ipod. I would've thought the Sansa Clip can win me over with its size and form factor + the features, but it clearly...
  21. Tem

    Sansa Clip 4GB

    Who got one? Post pics!
  22. Tem

    Zune 80GB Album Art Question

    Nice pics. I remember the old firmware, when you put your own album artwork on, the quality was degraded. Is it still the same with the new firmware/zunes or no?
  23. Tem

    2GB Black Sansa Clip = MELTED!

    Idk man...all I know is this dumbass aka the lady left it open on the dresser and I think I knocked it over by accident without realizing because it was right behind me.....the unit was thrown out. I managed to get my Sony MDR-EX90LP's cleaned but it doesn't feel the there good...
  24. Tem

    sony eaarbuds

    I own the Sony MDR-EX90LP's and they are fantastic! I think its all personal preference to be honest.