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  1. kejar31

    What Headphone should I get for around ~$600??

    I have around $600 to spend although $400 is held up right now in store credit (oh well I hope to get that resolved soon enough) . I no longer have an amp or a dac but plan on picking up a new one in another month or two. What headphone I choose will determine what amp I get. I don't care if...
  2. kejar31

    How good is your hearing?

    I saw this site on Digg this morning and thought it might be kinda fun for everyone to try out. on the site is a list of tones from 8-22 khz SITE within this thread list the last tone you can hear I will start: I am 34 and the last one I could hear was 17khz
  3. kejar31

    Metallica + SR325i's = match made in heaven

    I got these phones today and can't believe how good they sound with Metallica. I just got done listening to "One" and couldn't even keep in my seat. LOL I was up jumping around and jamming out, I couldn't contain myself. I cant wait until they are burned in.
  4. kejar31

    Grado 225 or 325

    Ok everyone. A local store is selling off their Grado's to move to the "i" lineup. They are selling the 225's for $160 and the 325's for $225. If you were in my shoes which ones would you buy?
  5. kejar31

    Wow foobar is finally usable.

    A new Columns theme was released today that not only makes foobar usable but makes it pretty. take a look here on how to set it up yourself
  6. kejar31

    K501's wow!!

    So, today I got a new box in the mail from a fellow Head-fier. In that box was a pair of K501's which I paid $125 for shipped. To top it off the headphones are absolutely mint with less then 100 hours of use on them. After listening to them for most of the day all I can say is wow . The...
  7. kejar31

    HD580's on Ebay

    It is being said that the seller on Ebay selling HD580's for $98.98 is a questionable seller. Please be advised not to use this seller.
  8. kejar31

    Hornet to M or not to M??

    I have a Hornet non-M and use it at work with a pair of HD580's while it sounds great (very natural) I have noticed that it still leaves a little to be desired on the bottom end. While I love to listen to mellow music like Jack Johnson, Nora Jones etc ... which really shines with this combo I...
  9. kejar31

    HD600 Grilles for HD580's

    Well I ordered a new pair of HD580's today and thought I would just go ahead and pick up the 600 grilles and the 650 cable. The only problem is that I can not find the 650 grills on Sennheiser's web site. Does anyone know where to buy these from?
  10. kejar31

    Make your own vaccum tubes - Video

    Check out this video of this dude making his own tubes! Ubber Cool MAKE: Blog: Make your own vaccum tubes?