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  1. D-EJ915

    Thinking about a DSLR

    I've been toying with the idea of getting a dslr for a while to replace my Canon G6 but I have 2 things. I've got 2 batteries from the G6 which work in the Canon DSLRs and my parent's old Minolta has the 35-70mm zoom/macro lens. What do you guys think would be the better option keeping this in...
  2. D-EJ915

    W1000 "model" pictures at Musician's Friend

    Musiciansfriend recently added a "see more photos" thing to their site, adding pics for colors and things like that. Anyway, I thought the pictures were kind of funny for the W1000. Just look and you'll know why: I noticed that if you edit the post title, it now edits the thread...
  3. D-EJ915


    WHOO!! I made it to 6000, six-thousand, 6,000, 6 * 1000...etc. Yep, I thought you'd like it, I don't gloat much but I just graduated so I can do it now. oh, and congrats? auroraproject
  4. D-EJ915

    I found some good A-T stuff is now available here...

    At J&R ( they have the CM7Ti and EM7 for sale...hopefully more will come...sorry if this has already been posted, I just saw them and thought it was sweet. CM7Ti EM7 I found these panasonic buds after I posted this: HJE70:
  5. D-EJ915

    Body temperatures...

    I've noticed it before, but do you guys have cold mousing hands? My mousing hand is freezing compared to my non-mousing hand. Any ideas why? (my hands are naturally freezing btw).
  6. D-EJ915

    Zalman ZM-RS6F THEATER 6 ...

    GOOD? Computer Gaming World says "Music sounds great too. The tonal balance comes across as both natural and inviting" "and you'll hear impressive channel separation" "The company also makes some of the slickest audio headphones in the industry, with the Theater 6 headphones setting the...
  7. D-EJ915

    I got my December MaximumPC today.

    As the title implies, I received it today and at noticed some heinous crimes, and wrote this to MaximumPC (doubt they'll read it, but it's hilarious...imo). kinda carazay! I also noted that I made a mistake, and it was in the "geek buyer's guide" section, although equally disturbing...
  8. D-EJ915

    Happy Birthday: Music Fanatic!

    lol, Happy Birthday!
  9. D-EJ915

    nVidia Driver Issues

    I don't know if you guys know any tips or not, but I just installed nVidia's latest drivers for XP the other day and everytime my computer starts up it resets the resolution to 800*600 at 60Hz. Do you guys have any idea why it does this?
  10. D-EJ915

    Thumbnail view in XP has no titles

    How do I make it display the titles, I forgot just randomly did this right now.
  11. D-EJ915

    Cornerstone Festival

    I was wondering if anybody is going to either the main one or the one in NC. I want to go to the main one...but 200 bucks for a ticket is kinda steep ...I forgot to get one before D'oh
  12. D-EJ915

    The burn-up dilemma

    I was just thinking, it'll be funny when somebody says I burned up my headphones for 30 hours and the bass really opened up, but then...I was like... WAIT!!'s not burn-in!! it's break-in my question is, where did "burn-in" come from??
  13. D-EJ915

    Cut headphone cable

    My friend's cat cut his D22's headphone cable (the 2 leads going to the left cup) and I was wondering if I should just solder the two back together...would that be a bad idea? thanks
  14. D-EJ915

    Question about Drivers

    I just got the drivers I ordered from Parts Express today (Tang-Band W3-879S) and the outer lips on two of them are bent, I was wondering if they normally came bent or something?? thanks
  15. D-EJ915

    Happy Birthday Nisbeth

    Happy Birthday!!
  16. D-EJ915

    An easy mod for D66 owners

    Since some other users have done it, I thought I'd be thread... Anyway...I don't know if it works with the D22s or not Take your D66s and remove the pads from the earcups (don't be afraid) and reverse them (inside-out) so that the "pleather" part is on the put them...
  17. D-EJ915

    Anybody notice the new name of the member's lounge??

    Quote: Members' Lounge (General Discussion -- Congrats, andrzejpw!) lol, I just noticed it and thought I'd spread the knowledge.
  18. D-EJ915

    25% off @ Creative Store

    Whoa! another "postless thread"
  19. D-EJ915

    Is it just me, or did Head-Fi have a massive hiccup just now??

    exactly as title says...TWO double posts... (both at the bottom) and then this thread...whoa.. nice thread
  20. D-EJ915

    Newest Member of team Eggo!!

    umm what happened to this thread??
  21. D-EJ915

    audio-technica ATH-D1000 (Optical Headphones) at AudioCubes for 630 bucks... (copied from AudioCubes) Quote: Specifications Type: "Air tightness" dynamic type Driver Unit: 53mm, CCAW voice coil Magnet: Neodymium Output overpressure value: 05dB/mW (JEITA) Frequency response: 5-45,000 Hz Driver playback frequency...
  22. D-EJ915

    My Monitor doesn't display "Green" anymore...umm

    Yeah, my monitor's on the blink, anybody have any suggestions for a new one??...I'm thinking NEC FE991SB or Mitsubishi FP930SB (like same thing)...but I dunno...
  23. D-EJ915

    Audio-Technica ATC-HA7USB

    Audiocubes Quote: Installed capacity level: 30mW + 30mW $270 BUCKS!! I thought I'd let you guys know
  24. D-EJ915

    If RCA cables only have 1 signal in them then...

    If RCA cables only have 1 signal in them then how come speaker have Plus and Minus connectors, I thought that there was a Plus and Minus in each RCA cable...I guess not.
  25. D-EJ915

    Ya know the "pitch" thingie in Sonique??...

    I tend to use this a lot, mainly 121% or 131%,...hehe...anyway, does anybody else do this??