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  1. ionite

    Any reviews yet of the newly released sony WI-1000XM2? BA + 9mm Dynamic hybrid (Foldable?!) ANC neckbands.

    The silicone rear band looks more comfortable and is pure genius for storage. Driver design looks interesting as well, with the BA right up the ear canal. Not sure where I've seen this before...?
  2. ionite

    LEAR BD4.2 vs Shure SE846? +1 'subwoofer' or +2 Dynamic?

    As title suggests, wondering if anyone owns both pairs and can comment on how they compare. Lear Audio's BD4.2 (Custom) and Shure's SE846 (Universal) Pricepoints are similar and they both have got their special thing going for the bass. Shure's got their 'true subwoofer' driver and the BD4.2...
  3. ionite

    400$ DAP for SE846

    Hi, thanks for the help. I finally decided on the fiio x5. As I heard the x5 when used as a Dac is more accurate than the x3. One of my friends happen to have a x3, would make for an interesting comparison
  4. ionite

    Upgrading from UE 900. Suggestions?

    Oh yeah and I will also be using it for monitoring during filming. Looking for accuracy over "good sounding" so I don't want any "high and med enhancement" to make things sound better.
  5. ionite

    Upgrading from UE 900. Suggestions?

    I got the UE 900's a little over 3 years ago, and they are great IEMs. The only problem is the quality control. Paint is coming off (Not a big deal) but the connectors are so poor in quality you must blu tack it in a weird angle to get any audio. Even then theres scratching noises. Recently I...