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  1. zilch0md

    Topaz Low-Capacitance Isolation Transformers - for Affordably Clean Power

    Have you been looking for a very effective, yet affordable solution for removing common-mode and normal-mode noise from your AC mains? How about a way to prevent noise from being injected back into the mains from your audio components' power supplies? How about a way to prevent ground loops...
  2. zilch0md

    Songs that make us bust a move!

    There are several songs out there, across many genres, that deserve to be called "toe tappers." These are the songs that, for whatever reason, get you moving involuntarily - and that's the keyword here. I'm talking about those songs where you just find yourself rockin' unintentionally...
  3. zilch0md

    Do your 96kHz files contain 44.1kHz music?

    This evening, I happened onto a Positive Feedback article by Teresa Goodwin, titled:   Are Your High Resolution Recordings Really High Resolution?   In the article, Teresa describes how to use Audacity to display a file's Spectrogram and/or plot a Frequency Analysis.   It didn't take...
  4. zilch0md

    CEntrance DACport LX vs. iBasso DB2 Boomslang 2 vs. JDS Labs Objective DAC

    As promised, here's my comparison of the following DACs:       From left to right:    CEntrance DACport LX ($299), iBasso DB2 Boomslang 2 ($299), and JDS Labs Objective DAC ($149)     Here are the chains that were compared in a blind a/b/c comparison I performed with a...
  5. zilch0md

    Dark Knight FAIL - another CD mastered with excessive gain

    I had pre-ordered Hans Zimmer's The Dark Knight Rises from Amazon, eagerly awaiting its arrival.   Dark Knight FAIL - once again we have a CD that was mastered with excessive gain!     9 out 15 tracks have heavy clipping.   Now I get to wait (how long?) for a remastered version (if...
  6. zilch0md

    Shure E4G's sound better w/o Headroom Supreme

    Hi everyone, This is my first post to Head-Fi. I've been reading these forums long enough to tell that you guys are sick, so I'm going to start limiting my visits - hopefully I won't catch anything. Meanwhile, I know there's no better place to ask for the advice I'm seeking. In...