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  1. ionite

    Any reviews yet of the newly released sony WI-1000XM2? BA + 9mm Dynamic hybrid (Foldable?!) ANC neckbands. Seems the first time sony or anyone else are doing hybrids in bluetooth iems?
  2. ionite

    Fiio BTR5 vs Q5S?

    As title says. With the level of similarity in hardware and impressive level of power from the BTR5, is there a point in getting the Q5s over it? Does anyone have/heard both units and can comment on the sound signature?
  3. ionite

    400$ DAP for SE846

    I have recently got a SE846, looking to get a dap for it. Any suggestions under 400$? Looking at fiio x3 and x5. Seems nice, I also need a dac which this will also do. Are they any good? Or should I go more high end for these iems