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  1. Bender1987

    Just have to say thanks!

    A big shout out to everyone here on the head-fi community! I have been here for almost a year now,And this site and forum has literally saved my life! In 2011, 2 years ago as of this post on this day, I was in a car wreck which left me in the hospital and in a coma for 2 and a half months...
  2. Bender1987

    Best Portable Blue Tooth Speaker?

    Hey guys if this the wrong spot for this my bad "or if there has already been a thread on it can i get a link?"   But anyways i am in the market for a portable blue tooth speaker in the 2-400$ range and was just wondering if anyone has some  experience with them, since there seems to be a...
  3. Bender1987

    Good After Market Mini XLR Cables?

    Hey guys i do not have much know how in this department, I am looking for some advice on who makes good after market mini xlr's for my AKG Q-701,s and K-271S any input on this would be very helpful. thanks