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  1. Iron_Dreamer

    Review: Hifiman HE-6/EF-6: An Elite Headphone System, Under One Roof

    Hifiman HE-6/EF-6: An Elite Headphone System, Under One Roof     Not that long ago, even the best headphone systems nearly always had a glaring deficiency or two, and few, if any, were all-around performers that could transition from musical genre to genre, let along into home theater.  Sonic...
  2. Iron_Dreamer

    Compared: Headamp Pico, Ray Samuels Hornet, Apogee MiniDAC

    In order to sufficiently inaugurate my newly minted Headamp Pico, I figured what better than a battle with my primary standby of most of the last year, the Apogee MiniDAC? And to make things even better, a popular portable headphone amp, the Ray Samuels Hornet, has emerged from a generous...
  3. Iron_Dreamer

    Anyone else not receiving PM notification emails?

    Perhaps there is a thread or other mention of this problem that I've managed to miss, but PM notification emails have been absent for at least the last week for me. Anyone else having this problem, or have news on it?
  4. Iron_Dreamer

    Happy Birthday roadtonowhere08 !!!

    Make it a great one, metal brother!
  5. Iron_Dreamer

    A new good source for SA5000's, $389+ship I already ordered so now I'm tossing it out to all you. Wonder if they'll sell out as fast as Beach Audio. They have a lifetime 8.8 rating on resellerratings, and were nice to deal with over the phone.
  6. Iron_Dreamer

    iRiver iHP-120

    Boy oh boy am I ever glad to have this little gem! I always knew my Archos FMR was a bit of a piece of junk, but this player just emphasized it to an extreme degree. Aside from the beautiful fit and finish, tight little leather case, easy to navigate menus, and all too nice multi-codec...
  7. Iron_Dreamer

    Two weeks with the RS-1 and HD650 +Zu Mobius

    So it started about two months ago, I was curious to give the RS-1 a good listen, so I found a local dealer, and carted my DAC1 on over. Everything I played on the RS-1's sounded better than on the HD650's with stock balanced cable which I also carted along for comparison. More detail, more...
  8. Iron_Dreamer

    Need original Chaintech firmware

    Anyone who has a copy care to help me out? I've flashed mine to the Prodigy, and would like to try the original out again for a while. Send me a PM if you have it.
  9. Iron_Dreamer

    Great tool for EQ'ing: foobar convolver DSP

    So for a long time there has been this plugin called "convolver" sitting in my foobar DSP tray, and I never knew what it was for. After a little study over in the foobar forums, I have found this tool to be quite useful. What the DSP does is essentially impose an "impluse" file onto the sound...
  10. Iron_Dreamer

    Has anyone ever used the Grado HP1000 with a balanced output amp?

    Curious as to what the results would be. I've only heard the HD650 (major gains in soundstage and bass), PS1 (likewise), and DT880 (not much gain at all) used as such. It would be interesting if the soundstage expanded as it did on the PS1, since that is the achilles' heel of the HP1000 as far...
  11. Iron_Dreamer

    Driving HD650 Balanced with DAC1

    So a few days ago I got bored. A though entered my head "hey, the DAC1 has balanced output, and it is only 60ohms output impedance, why not use that to drive the HD650 balanced?" A pair of neutrik XLR's and one spare stock cable (thanks Sennheiser!) later, I was ready to go. The sound is a...
  12. Iron_Dreamer

    Sibilance: is it inherent on a recording, or the result of playback distortion

    Lately I've been noticing (using the HD650) that albums with even the most biting vocals or cymbals have lost that sharp bite of sibilance that I had been used to (on other cans). For example I hear the sibilance loud and clear with the E5, which is supposed to have a more rolled-off high end...
  13. Iron_Dreamer

    Good luck with Ivan, wmcmanus

    Hopefully you'll survive this deadly storm alright! My thoughts are with you. EDIT: damn, just goes to figure, I'd misspell your username in the thread title. Could a mod please change it to wmcmanus, please?
  14. Iron_Dreamer

    Grrr, paint peeling off my HD650

    So today when I go to put the Senns on I notice the silvery paint starting to peel off from the front of the headband, at say 20 degrees between the spots, from the top to bottom meridian of the head. As I inspected further, I noticed it was also happening at the ends of the headband, where the...
  15. Iron_Dreamer

    Alternate contact info for iDealSound?

    I tried to make an order with iDealSound earlier in the week, and I was told that they had plenty of E5's in stock, so I sent them a payment via paypal. The next day they told me they were out of stock, so I went and found a better deal elsewhere, and asked that they refund my payment. It's been...
  16. Iron_Dreamer

    My final take on the DT-531

    A great value, but not a giant-killer in the truest sense. Let me explain further: The DT531 is very good all-around with no glaring weaknesses. However, I have come to understand that its performance ceiling is not as high as the much more expensive cans it would seek to undermine...
  17. Iron_Dreamer

    Now thats what I call synergy!

    Out of curiosity, I hauled myself and my Benchmark DAC1 down to the local (i.e. 35mi drive) Guitar Center, to try out some cans. Lo and behold, I was blown off my butt by the DT770 Pro 80ohm, which took me by quite a suprise, as I had owned the 250ohm version for quite some time. The synergy...
  18. Iron_Dreamer

    Review: Benchmark DAC1 vs RME HDSP 9632 vs RME PAD vs EMU 1212M

    The Point So for the better part of nine months, I've been blabbing on about how great PC's can be as an audio source, leading my fellow head-fiers on a wild trip modding soundcard after soundcard, finally to end up with the highly acclaimed Benchmark DAC1 at the end of a computer transport...
  19. Iron_Dreamer

    Edwood banned?

    I heard he is banned, due to that druken posting binge of his the other night. Unless I missed something, it all seemed pretty harmless to me. The question is, will he be allowed back any time soon?
  20. Iron_Dreamer

    Modding the RME HDSP 9632

    Yes time again for more great high-end soundcard modding fun! Today we have the RME Hammerfall DSP 9632 thanks to Alex (ayt999), and the goal is to turn this into the ultimate computer source I've heard so far. It already is looking good as it sounds better stock vs. stock as comapred to the...
  21. Iron_Dreamer

    How to use M-Audio Delta DIO drivers with Chaintech AV710?

    I know wodgy knows how to do this. Windows 2000 refuses to install the drivers for me, saying no drivers were found, even when I point it to the properly unzipped folder. Do you need to modify some files or something for it to work? For those who don't know, these drivers supposedly give the...
  22. Iron_Dreamer

    My EMU croaked today!

    So, I come back from lunch, fire up foobar, and to my amazement, hear exactly nothing. Now repeat this over the course of the afternoon/evening as I try everything I can think of to see what the deal is, to no avail. As far as my multimeter can tell, there is no signal coming out of the analog...
  23. Iron_Dreamer

    E-MU 1212M goes for the modded RME's jugular

    So after getting the card today and spending an agonizing hour downloading the driver from Sduibek, I can positively say this card in stock form spanks my oft-modded RME PAD as far as sound quality is concerned. More open, moe detailed, better soundstage, tighter imaging, far blacker background...
  24. Iron_Dreamer

    Gilmore Dynamic designed to block DC output?

    I was reading over KG's desscription of his dynamic headamp design, and the part about the servo circuit using the opamp caught my attention. So the circuit basically shifts the extra DC into the LED's, right? Does this part of the design effecitvely automatically block any DC offset output by a...
  25. Iron_Dreamer

    The amazing sounding, very easy, almost free RME mod!

    This mod I will describe to your is the result of a recent revelation in the RME modding thread. It only costs a few bucks, needed to get a pair of high-quality capacitors, and a few minutes of your time. Better yet just about anyone that can use a soldering iron (and maybe a few that never...