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  1. Grimbles

    Custom adaptor (UK) 4 pin mini xlr to 2.5mm trrs

    Hi all, it's been a while! Hope everyone is doing well? Anyhoo, does anybody know of a custom cable/adaptor manufacturer in the UK who can build me a 4 pin mini xlr female to 2.5mm balanced female cable/adaptor? Have scoured the web with limited joy. A couple of reviews outstanding for me at...
  2. Grimbles

    New Set Up - Your thoughts please!

    Hi all, My current set up is (or more to the point, was) a dragonfly 1.2, running Shure SE 215s and 425s. Source is FLAC (mostly 96 or 192/24) and MP3s of varying quality collected over years, normally provided by an android phone, MacBook air or windows laptop. I recently lost my dragonfly...
  3. Grimbles

    Balanced or Unbalanced? That is my question

    Hi all, I will post in a separate thread for some advice re/my proposed new set up. For now, I pose a question which I suspect has been asked before, but to which I do not know the answer. In short, what are the pros and cons of balanced and unbalanced outputs for headphones? Many thanks, Simon