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  1. Neto666

    i need new music player help! Thanks

    Hi folks, I'm trying to change my Fiio x3 2gen wanted some tips for a player with android not mto expensive! I was thinking of a Fiio x5 3gen or Fiio m7 would have a better and cheaper option thankful
  2. Neto666

    [REVIEW] Ortofon EQ-5 and Grado GR8: Battle of the Moving Armatures

    which is best for heavy metal and isolation DUnu D2000 or PRADo GR8?
  3. Neto666

    GRADO GR8 [ Full Review ] + Picture + Updated!!

    this grid model is good for metal, power metal etc.? I wonder if it is better q the Dunu D2000 Grateful
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