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  1. tkam

    New Custom SinglePower Amp

    My long awaited amp from Mikhail and crew finally arrived today. Here's some pics to wet your appetite.
  2. tkam

    Pittsburgh Meet Saturday April 15th

    I think it's about time for another Pittsburgh meet and I'll be hosting one on Saturday April 15th. Feel free to post what gear you can bring in this thread and PM me for address and directions.
  3. tkam

    New Speakers Arrive!!

    Well my new Tyler Acoustic Linbrook Signature Monitors arrived today. Early impressions are very positive bass reproduction is superior in pretty much every regard compared to the GMA Europas. More impressions later but here some pics for now
  4. tkam

    Pittsburgh Mini-Meet

    I hosted a mini-meet at my place today fante and thaddy got a ride over from fante's friend Robert (he's not a head-fi'er). It was good to see thaddy again and to meet fante and Robert. All the gear listed in my signature was present and thaddy brought his Millet Hybrid and hd650s. Fante had his...
  5. tkam

    SFT Audio DynaMight Signature Review

    I wanted to make my 1000th post a big one so here goes nothing . SFT Audio DynaMight Signature Review Intro After being in this hobby for nearly 4 years now I thought I had finally reached the pinnacle upon purchasing the Dynahi. This stayed true until I heard the new balanced max...
  6. tkam

    Paramount, Warner and Universal support Blu-ray

    Looks like the format wars may end before they even start. Blu-ray's lead in content providers has become larger after today's announcement that Paramount is supporting blu-ray with Warner and Universal are expected to make similar annoucements soon.
  7. tkam

    Pittsburgh Mini-Meet Saturday Oct. 8th

    I'll be hosting a mini-meet at my place on Oct. 8th start time will be around 10-11am please PM if you plan to attend and I'll give you directions. Feel free to post what you are going to bring in this thread.
  8. tkam

    Neuros 80GB Mp3 player

    Does anyone have the Neuros 80gig player? I'm very tempted to get one because of the 80gigs worth of space but I can't find any useful reviews on it.
  9. tkam

    Early Impressions: K340

    My pair of modded K340's from headphile arrived a few days ago. The mods done to them are pretty much the same ones that Philodox has done to his k340's. They are an interesting pair of headphones, they certainly have a unique sound. The thing that really stands out about them is their speed...
  10. tkam

    Review: Rockhopper Audio M3

    Review: Rockhopper Audio M3 Intro It’s been a few months since I’ve bought anything headphone related and after hearing a M3 at the Maryland meet in mid April the time to try something new bug bit. I decided I could really use one at work with my mp3 player (H320) and as secondary amp to...
  11. tkam

    New MP3 Player Needed

    I think I've finally out grown my h320, I need something with 30-40gigs or more and of course it has to sound good. Optical out would be nice but it's not a requirement.
  12. tkam

    Pittsburgh, PA Meet Sunday June 26

    OK guy's I officially have the room at the Comfort Inn for Sunday June 26. Here's the address of the hotel: Comfort Inn 2801 Freeport Road Pittsburgh, PA, US If you come in the main entrance you'll see the check-in desk straight ahead and small hall directly to the right. Down that hall...
  13. tkam

    Flexible Power Cords

    I've finally tired of huge power cords that aren't very flexible and are a pain to deal with. So, can anyone recommend a good flexible power cord in the $100-150 price range?
  14. tkam

    New headphone stand pics (56K warning)

    So I get home from work yesterday and see one of those little beige attempted to deliver a package notices from the post office. Of course it was after 5 (the post office here closes at 5) so I had to wait till today to go down and pick it up. After getting home and quickly ripping open the box...
  15. tkam

    Comaprison: Grado PS-1, K3000, HP3000

    Comparison: Grado PS-1, K3000, HP3000 Disclaimer: This is all in my opinion Some of you may be wondering what are the K3000 and the HP3000 ? They are both hybrid CD3K headphones whipped up and assembled by Larry of The K3000s are Bubinga Woody CD3K with K1000 drivers and...
  16. tkam

    I've completed my headphone system

    After a 3 year journey of buying and selling gear I've finally completed my headphone setup and here are the end results: Grado PS-1's the latest headphone in my collection K3000 = Bubinga Woody CD3K with K1000 drivers HP3000 = Maple Woody CD3K with HP1000 drivers From...
  17. tkam

    Feb. 5th Pittsburgh Mini-Meet

    Gsferrari and kikkoman came over to my place for a mini-meet this past Saturday. I actually didn't listen to anything and just ended up chatting with the guys for most of the time. Kikkoman did the most listening and gs got in some listening as well. It was great seeing you guys again hopefully...
  18. tkam

    First Impression: K3000s

    I recieved the latest CD3K hybrid from Headphile today, this time they're using K1000 drivers hence K3000's. Here's a few pics to wet everyones appetite: For higher resolution pics: click here So far these are a really interesting pair of headphones much much different than I...
  19. tkam

    Giving Back to Head-Fi

    I'm not quite sure if this is the place to put this, but I figured it's time to give back to the community that I have enjoyed and learned so much from over the past few years. So I've decided to offer free picture to hosting to anyone in the community. You can do so by going to ...
  20. tkam

    Pittsburgh Meet

    I've decided to host a meet at my house, for now I'm shooting for Saturday February 5th as the date. PM me for address and any directions you might need. If you do plan to come post what you'll be bringing.
  21. tkam

    Pittsburgh, PA Meet Dec. 19th

    I went to the meet hosted by Thaddy today it was a great time. It was a pretty small meet but there was some good gear there and the people were great. I'll post pics and impressons later.
  22. tkam

    Headphile Silver AKG 271 Replacement Cable

    After having and enjoying the akg 271 studio's for a week or so I had this feeling that something was holding them back. The detail and accuracy of treble were spot on but the bass was lacking and vocals sounded a little thin almost nasal. I have bought quite a few cables both ic's and other...
  23. tkam

    Interest in a Pittsburgh, PA or Cleveland, OH Meet?

    Is there any interest in a pittsburgh, pa or cleveland, oh meet? Maybe even somewhere in between? I doubt I'd be able to host so if someone else would be willing to that'd be great.
  24. tkam

    Music Hall Maverick

    My music hall maverick with level 1 mods from underwood hifi arrived today. So far it sounds amazing, everything sounds so smooth and crystal clear. I'll post more impressions later but for now back to listening to music.
  25. tkam

    Portable/Work Headphones

    I just bought myself an iRiver ihp-120 mostly to use at work, and I'm new looking for a smallish pair of headphones to use at work. Isolation is not importantly really as I will need to hear whats going on (sometimes at least ). So far I'm looking at the audio technica em9 series and the sony...