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  1. gikigill

    Westone to JH audio. Help please.

    No worries mate, PM when you're ready. Just a heads up that this collection was built over 20 years. It's a labour of love.
  2. gikigill

    Light Harmonic Geek Wave

    I managed to get three IEMs in exchange for the Wave. Nature of the beast with crowdfunding that you don't always get what you want. Just backed the Harmonicdyne Poseidon.
  3. gikigill

    Westone to JH audio. Help please.

    I run a few. Check my profile for more details.
  4. gikigill

    Westone to JH audio. Help please.

    No worries Zach, let me know how you go.
  5. gikigill

    What's Up With Sennheiser? I Asked The Sennheisers.

    Yes Sir, own the HD700, 650,660,560,6XX,58X, HD820, HD630 not to mention the HD800 mentioned above. These are powered by a RME ADI-2, IFI iCan Pro, MSB Link 3 Nelson, Bel Canto DAC2, Schiit Lyr 3, Bottlehead SEX 2, Resnoessence Labs Concero, Audiolab M-DAC, Yulong Aquila, Schiit Bifrost...
  6. gikigill

    Westone to JH audio. Help please.

    I use a separate DAP just to ensure a better experience and sound quality, not to mention the 3.5mm and balanced jacks instead of fiddling with DAC wires and so on plus your choice of audio player such as Neutron, Jetaudio Plus and Poweramp and Poweramp EQ in my case to finetune EQ. The...
  7. gikigill

    xDSD Gryphon: birth of a ‘head-fi’ legend

    —a high quality DAC and quite powerful AMP after all, with a 16 core chipset and XMOS pulled right from the Pro iDSDl: xCAN has the exact same powerful amp and the DAC is not needed if using BT on the xCan. —5.1 Bluetooth with a full set of codecs: xCAN had the BT codecs for its time. —a more...
  8. gikigill

    Campfire Audio Multiverse

    The lighter part is probably a minor difference cosidering the size of most IEM drivers and as you mention Ti is probably cheaper and easier to work with compared to Be with regards to safety. I remember when Be drviers were not allowed in speakers as their shattering could lead to serious...
  9. gikigill

    Campfire Audio Multiverse

    Looks interesting. Maybe titanium drivers for rigidity and lightness as titanium is harder than Beryllium.
  10. gikigill

    Sennheiser HD820

    I kept the Z1R for a few months but it still didnt seem to justify its price and Sony's ability to engineer something better. I ran it with a RME-ADI2, ifi iCan Pro, MSB Link 3 Nelson, Meridian HPA, Bel Canto 2 and Audiolab M-One and it just doesnt seem to have the technical abilties to...
  11. gikigill

    Sennheiser HD820

    I had the same dilemma and the Z1R lost to the HD820. The HD820 sounded more technically proficient while the Z1R sounded like a slightly different Z7M2.
  12. gikigill

    Linsoul x HarmonicDyne Poseidon Headphone Kickstarter Campaign

    Already got the WP900 however they would be very different since the WP900 are closed backs.
  13. gikigill

    Reply to review by 'gikigill' on item 'Yulong Audio DA1'

    Yulong seems to maintain it's tradition of excellent value and quality of sound. Got the Aquila with the AK chips and the DA1 seems to replicate it's older brother. Easily beat out my Chord and Bifrost MB setup and your comments regarding the Chord warmth are spot on. Tested on a set of Martin...
  14. gikigill

    Bowers&Wilkins new flagship the P9!

    B&W is cheaper than Focal while offering a better built product in my experience. I had Focal Home, Car and Personal Audio but never again. A lot of older B&W stuff is still around while you wont see older Focal since Focal build quality is usually more brittle. The P9 is built like a tank with...
  15. gikigill

    iFi audio GO blu - Super small. Super light. Super Sound.

    Some music players also allow the same in their settings. Poweramp and Neutron are two I can recall.
  16. gikigill

    RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

    Check if your OS is oversampling. It was my OS instead of the RME in my case.
  17. gikigill

    RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

    Does the ESS have the typical IMD hump?
  18. gikigill

    Etymotic EVO: World Tour

    Bit of a bummer. Is there any memory wire near the IEMs to bend and get some tension so that they stay in?
  19. gikigill

    Etymotic EVO: World Tour

    Cheers for the update. Is your review almost done? How did you like the Evo?
  20. gikigill

    Etymotic EVO: World Tour

    Any update on where the Australian unit is? Its been a month since it was received by the previous recipient.
  21. gikigill

    Tripowin x BGGAR Mele IEM Giveaway on Linsoul

    He is trying to be the poor mans Crinacle:floatsmile: Difference is Crin knows his crap, BGGAR is a mess I wouldnt touch with a 20 foot pole.
  22. gikigill

    RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

    Yup, the RME folks add features and it's relatively simple to update. You could just skip the updates.
  23. gikigill

    An exploration of Chord DAVE, MScaler, Qutest, and Holo May, HQPlayer This is one of the candidates but not finalised. This is a medical grade power supply but I picked up one cheap at an auction...
  24. gikigill

    An exploration of Chord DAVE, MScaler, Qutest, and Holo May, HQPlayer

    I'm in the middle of building a PC with a Ryzen 5950X, 32GB RAM, 256gb NVME, 8 GB RX580 to run HQPlayer. The sheer grunt of 196,006 MOps/Sec in Integer and 97,091 MOps/Sec in FPU should be something else.