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  1. Pars

    Best headphone connector type (balanced)

    Hi, I have a pair of HifiMan HE4XX (Massdrop) which use the 2.5mm connectors on each headphone. These are crap, and cut out if I move my head the wrong way, etc., so I was toying with replacing them with something better. I was wondering what other connector types people use and how they like...
  2. Pars

    24V Elpac...

    Not my sale, but there is one in the FS section right now: Seems like a number of people were looking for these not too long ago...
  3. Pars

    Relay-PSU question

    Stupid question (probably), but I was adding a relay to an I/V stage I am building. I have +/-15V supplies available in the player. The I/V stage itself will have its own +/- 15V supplies. I figured it would be better to not run the relay from these, but use a +15V from the player instead for...
  4. Pars

    Emitter follower PSU oscillating

    I'm currently building a test board of cetoole's I/V stage, and had tacked on this PSU/regulation section from rbroer's less simple I/V stage for a TDA1541a. I thought I had things to a manageable point with the I/V stage until I made the fatal error of putting my scope on it Here is the...
  5. Pars

    Recommend a PCDP for work?

    Hi all, I currently use a PCDP into a Gilmore amp at work, and am looking for a new one. It must have a line out and a wallwart powering option. I don't want to use my work computer for audio, so that isn't an option. Any recommendations for a PCDP to replace the Sony D-E307K that has begun...
  6. Pars

    Oscons in the US?

    Looking for some Sanyo OSCONs from a supplier in the US. I know Partsconnexion has 3 or 4 types. BDent supposedly handles them but doesn't seem to have any in stock that I could find. I'm looking for some 10uf 16V (min) and some 47-56uf 25V (35V better, SC series). Anyone? Chris
  7. Pars

    PINT problem/question(s)

    My son got his built (I'm fixing it; actually he did a good job, but somehow I wound up blowing the ground opamp up). Using LM6172s in it and after replacing the ground opamp, I noticed that it is distorting when you turn it up to any reasonable listening volume (as in being able to hear it)...
  8. Pars

    9V rechargeable batteries?

    What is the current concesus on what is good or what to avoid in these? Was going to place an order with Thomas Distributing today... Thanks, Chris
  9. Pars

    Eagle libraries under OSX

    I'm having a slight problem with Eagle under OSX in that certain libraries are not "seen" by Eagle as being valid library files. They are all in the correct lbr folder, etc. I've tried using filetyper utilites to no avail, as these are x.11 unix files, and don't have legacy mac file type and...
  10. Pars

    Coupling caps on CD player output?

    I've been doing a bit more work on my Rotel RCD-855 (TDA1541A, SAA7210/7220) player. When I have LM6172s in the analog output section, the sound gets a touch "tizzy" in the highs. The stock opamps were NE5532s. I have a 0.33 stacked film soldered onto each of the 6172s from the V+ to V- pin, and...
  11. Pars

    Are Neutrik jacks reliable switches?

    Just wondering whether Neutrik and/or Rean jacks (1/4") are reliable enough to use for switching between headphone out and peramp out? The Re'an jacks that I have (Parts Express) seem to have varying continuity across the pins (unswitched to switched) after a plug has been inserted and then...
  12. Pars

    Pimeta recommendations?

    Hi, My two sons have both built CMoys, A47s, and MINTs (well, dad helped them, but they did some/alot on their own ). They are both interested in building Pimetas, but I got to thinking whether this would be much of a performance increase over what they already have in the MINT. Both MINTs...
  13. Pars

    MINT regulator options (wall powered)

    I have a MINT that I built sometime ago and converted to wall power via a linear regulated +/- 12V Elpac and put in a Hammond (pics in the amps sticky at the top). Because I had room and wanted to mess around with it a bit, I built a board on some protoboard and put 4 1000uf Muse caps on it...
  14. Pars

    Headamp GS-1?

    Just noticed this on Justin's site. Is this the modular multi-channel (pre or head)amp that Dr. Gilmore was mentioning at the Chicago meet? Anyone know anything about this, or where I can find more info? Thanks, Chris
  15. Pars

    Belden 2 cond. shielded from Handmade?

    Anyone used this before? I got some of it for internal wiring on an amp... it is white outer (teflon), 2x24ga (also teflon), appears to be silver plated?, including the shield, which is braid (non-magnetic, so it isn't steel). I intended on using both conductors for signal (pot, jacks), with the...
  16. Pars

    Powering a relay...

    I may put a muting relay in the Gilmore I almost have done, but had a question regarding how to supply the power to it. I had thought about using a 7812 and just tapping into the +16V power (probably off one of the PSU caps) and using this. Any detrimental effects to doing this, or will I need...
  17. Pars

    Thanks Morsel!

    Based on one of your posts awhile back in a DMM thread, I bought a Protek 608 ( has them on sale right now). That thing is really nice! I would have gone for a considerably more expensive Fluke had it not been for your recommendation... thanks! Chris
  18. Pars

    Experience with Hakko support

    I just had to post the experience I had with Hakko support WRT the previous thread where my cat chewed the cord from the base to the iron on my 936ESD. After checking Hakko USA's site, I contacted all the distributors in my region to find a new cable. None had it in stock. I placed an order for...
  19. Pars

    Best bang for the buck chassis RCAs?

    I need to get some RCAs for the amp I am completing, but wanted to solicit advice on the subject matter. I have used the Daytons before, and they seem fine, but wondered if there is anything else out there worth trying. I don't want to spend $20+ per pair, so don't suggest Vampire OFCs, etc...
  20. Pars

    Gilmore FETs/transistors on sale at MCM

    On sale until Feb. 25th. Not all are on sale, but the most expensive ones (the dual input FETs) are. There is a code that you need to enter (available on the website, look at the sale flyer pdf) in order to get the sale price. There are still a couple of trannies for the Dynahi that are cheaper...
  21. Pars

    Eagle and PCB question

    I'm currently building a Gilmore Dynalo on a V2 board, and had a couple of questions. The board is set up for the 4GBU (or GBL?) bridge rectifier packages (0.2" lead spacing). I was going to use 31DQ10 3.3A 100V Schottky diodes (DO201 package) and build discrete packages, so I decided to try to...
  22. Pars

    Gilmore dynamic troubleshooting

    I'm building up a dynamic on a V2 board from Justin, and have it to the point where the amp section is more or less done. I started testing it this weekend, and while the offset is to a manageable level, I had a couple of questions. First off, I am powering it with a B&K triple bench supply...
  23. Pars

    Transformer question (Gilmore dynamic)

    Hi, I am getting ready to build up a dynamic on a V2 board I got from Justin (back when he sold boards), and had a question regarding the transformer. The Amveco recommended (TE62074) is rated at dual 18V secondaries, 1.944A (35VA tranformer). Digikey has these backordered until February...
  24. Pars

    MINT problem... (Long)

    Hi, I am in the process of recasing a MINT I built about 4 months ago, and which has always worked fine. I wanted to convert it to wall power for use at work, and had picked up an Elpac WM113, +/- 12, +5V wallwart (was way cheap on Ebay). I am putting it into a Hammond, and had te room, so...
  25. Pars

    DIY parts/supplies in Chicago?

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone can point me to electronics suppliers in Chicago (or suburbs) other than Rat Shack and Triode Electronics? I know there are some Newark sales offices around, but am not sure who sells parts to someone walking in... Thanks, Chris