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  1. dpastern

    CCA C10 vs Moondrop Starfield

    As the subject title suggests, what would the differences be between these 2 IEMs? I've recently dipped my feet into the IEM market with the CCA C10 purchase and very very happy with their sound. I find the bass is reasonable, reasonably tight and detailed, mids are nice, treble is not...
  2. dpastern

    Question on connecting AK 120 II DAP to preamp in my audio system

    OK, I've tried to understand this, but I'm not entirely sure I'm understanding things correctly and want to make sure with those smarter than me that I am. I have an AK 120 II. I'm looking to connect it to my home audio system. Current preamp is an Audiolab 8000C. I initially thought I...
  3. dpastern

    Has anyone compared the Fiio x7 to the AK120 II?

    As the thread title asks, has anyone compared the Fiio x7 to the AK120 II??   Particular interested in sound quality and also of course, the UI.     Dave
  4. dpastern

    Sennheiser HD540 Gold reference vs modern Sennheisers

    I'm curious, I'm quite happy with my old 540s, and very happy with the way that they sound with my AK 120 II DAP - would the Sennheiser HD600 phones sound very similar to my old 540s I wonder?   What are your thoughts?     Dave