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  1. Vartan

    Cool japanese inventions! (Clarion ZH700FF)

     Clarion has announced the full digital headphone "ZH700FF".         source:
  2. Vartan

    Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

    New professional headphones from the German company Beyerdynamic, which the company will show at IFA-2015 in Berlin from 4 to 6 September.    FEATURES   • Closed premium studio headphone • Rugged headband made of spring steel • Single-sided, detachable cable • Soft, replaceable ear and...
  3. Vartan

    Mitchell and Johnson HP1

    A truly revolutionary hybrid circum-aural design combining our super thin and lightweight DYNASTATZ flexible transducer with a 40mm dynamic dome driver module delivering clean bass and unmatched crystal clarity with virtually no distortion or hysteresis effect.   Our patented DYNASTATZ...