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  1. soundbear

    Chinese portable player repair in US

    For those true audiophiles who realize Chinese players are superior,LOL,(totally kidding)  what or where are the options for repair????   I have a Hisoundaudio Studio V that needs a new jack, which I believe is causing it to keep shutting down.   I can't find a local cell phone repair to work on...
  2. soundbear

    Anyone own an Iriver s100?

    I heard that the old irivers were good, but this one came out very recently and I'm curious as to how it sounds?   Also looking at the sflo2 and upcoming x3.  Going from an ipod touch 3rd gen.
  3. soundbear

    Sunrise Xcapes and Ibasso T3

    $29 USPS first class shipping to China is what's keeping me from returning the ibasso t3 and their LOD that I got 10 days ago.(not having enough membership status is preventing me from selling it on the site.)    After careful reading and not enough rereading about amps and the Xcapes and my...