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  1. darkangel55555

    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

    Emailed to ask to be invoiced.
  2. darkangel55555

    Final JH3A revision Impressions

    Quote: +1   It's funny because with the bass off they sound like the JH13
  3. darkangel55555

    ALO audio's NEW 24Bit portable AMP/DAC The International

    I presume that in the photo of the front plate, the 3.5mm jack should say unbalanced output?   Looks like a neat bit of kit!  
  4. darkangel55555

    Final JH3A revision Impressions

    Perhaps sobrietywarrior might have meant, JH|16 to ALO Mk3 to CLAS-db to iDevice?   I too am interested in the opinions of the many, having just received my JH3a  
  5. darkangel55555

    Do you consider portable sources 'fragile' ?

    Planned obsolescence is evil - and usually calculated for the average user. I say this backed by the experience of having gone through maybe 4 iPod 5Gs, three Powerbook G4s (all under warranty - when it ended so did my laptop relationship with Apple), and various other devices which I long ago...
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