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  1. aeriyn

    AD843 - my new favorite opamp!

    I ordered some different opamps a while back because I'd been thinking that the AD8620/AD8610 combo was too bright for my CD player. Because of my general laziness I never put them in until today. I wasn't too impressed with the AD845... it was too muddy. But the AD843s... dayum. DAYUM...
  2. aeriyn

    K240S vs. DT440...

    So... who out there has heard both the "new groovalizer" and "the funkalizer?" I'm very curious of the K240S and wondering if it's got the same sort of sound character as the DT440.
  3. aeriyn

    Sakamoto Maaya + Kanno Yoko = bliss

    I just got Sakamoto Maaya's album "DIVE." The vocals and lyrics are Maaya's own, but the arrangement and music is from none other than Kanno Yoko! The song "Pace" even has Seat Belts playing the music. Favorite song from this album would have to be "Getsu-yo no asa." The song is seriously...
  4. aeriyn

    simple 9V cell charging circuit?

    For the hell of it I think I want to put a charging circuit on my CMoy so I don't have to dig the plainview out every time it needs charging. I vaguely recall how it works, something about placing fairly large resistors on the battery, but... someone please refresh my memory.
  5. aeriyn

    Anyone remember these games?

    I've been reminisicing. About games I played as a small child... I vaguely remember graphing paper and pencils and late-night sessions in the "hot" Monterey Bay summer on my Amiga 500 playing Gold Box Advanced Dungeons & Dragons titles such as Eye of the Beholder, Curse of the Azure Bonds and...
  6. aeriyn

    PIMETA issue

    Well, this is not encouraging. I had a working, brand-new functional TLE in my PIMETA, and it smoked again. I checked for solder joints and there are none. Everything looks fine. Also, my 7815 regulator was getting very hot. I noticed something that's definitely not supposed to happen...
  7. aeriyn

    the pink flip case for ipod mini... REVIEW of sorts. or rather, rant!

    Well, some of you folk might recall the post I had about that Pacific Design flip case for the iPod Mini. It's cute and pink and has a white stripe down it. Well, I ordered it and it came in yesterday. My review? It sucks. It looks cute, but that's about ALL it does. It adds entirely...
  8. aeriyn

    Christmas season = suck!

    *rant* Oi, I hate what foul tricks the holiday season plays on the mail. >.< I ordered opamps from Tangent on December 16th (actually ordered them before, that's when they were shipped). They still aren't here. >.< Ugh... having no functional amp = ebil. *end rant*
  9. aeriyn

    World of Warcraft

    Anyone else playing? ^^ I just got it a few days ago, but I'm on the Draenor server. Level 8 Human Mage Ariene, and I'm in the guild Lords of Warcraft. =P
  10. aeriyn

    Anyone else love songs that makes them cry?

    I do. =P Most of them don't make me tear up because of the lyrics (as most are in Japanese) but usually because of the sound and the music itself, and the fact that I associate music with people I care about or aspects of myself. Also, many of the songs I like a great deal where the singer...
  11. aeriyn

    I'm sick...

    ugh I've come down with something and I feel horrible. my vision is whacked. I can barely see anything if I focus on it for a long time... I'm afraid to drive to work. afraid I'll get in a wreck or something. really don't think I'm up to a 12 hour shift feeling like this anyhow... ugh... I...
  12. aeriyn

    why does desoldering braid work like crap?

    ^ using this braid is impossible to pull this damn socket out. it's not getting all the solder out. first my rail splitter blew. now a pin broke off the opamp adapter and got stuck in the damn socket. this amp is trying to drive me insane, I think.
  13. aeriyn

    Cooked TLE2426...

    Just finished everything on my redone pimeta. A few of the parts I transported from the old board to the new (the expensive stuff... buffers, opamps) as well as the TLE2426 rail spiltter, primarily because I couldn't get it locally. Upon connecting power to the amp for the first time, the...
  14. aeriyn

    Head-Fi'ers Are The Best!

    Yep, you heard me. You guys are CRAZY AS LOONS, but you're the best! I really appreciate all you've done to cheer me up over the loss of my cans. Thank you for the "early Christmas presents" as well. I am really touched by the generosity and kindness of this community. I feel proud to be part...
  15. aeriyn

    How do the E3 compare to the E2?

    Having a bit of difficulty with my E2s as they really require equalization to avoid sounding muddy, and as everyone knows the EQ of the iPod Mini is rather limited. I'd prefer not to use EQ at all as it reduces battery life. But, the question is... how do the E3s differ in sound? Do they...
  16. aeriyn

    Help me decide on a good Redbook source--for $250 or less.

    No DVD players. I've already got one, and I find its Redbook performance to be merely adequate (compared to my friend's NAD C521i). Anyhow, let's work this out. I don't know a lot of what's good around this price range, but so far I've seen a few things that I like. Rotel RCD-950 and the NAD...
  17. aeriyn

    Arcam Alpha 8, any good?

  18. aeriyn

    Simpl A1... I've got some suspicions. Anyone else?

    I'm rather suspicious of this device. I don't know why, but I am. I just think, it smells fishy especially for the price. I mean, maybe it's like a cmoy-level amp, but still... I'd like to hear impressions about it from other head-fi'ers, and maybe when someone gets ahold of one, lemme hear...
  19. aeriyn

    Why do different interconnects make a difference?

    Seriously. I mean, I can totally understand the difference between my decently made 25 dollar 0.5m IC and one of those cheap ass molded plastic RCA plug sets that comes with virtually everything electronic. But, what I want to know is, how do these expensive cables differ in sound quality...
  20. aeriyn

    E2 / E2c -- Is there a difference?

  21. aeriyn

    Pimeta amp "C4" capacitor choices

    Basically my question is, does this absolutely have to be a film-type cap? I just saw a picture of one of MisterX's PIMETAs and it had small red radial capacitors (electrolytic?) in the C4 position...
  22. aeriyn

    PIMETA question

    Oi, with my PIMETA, the volume seems to go up rather rapidly when turning the pot upward. Slight adjustments give big volume increases, but the sound doesn't sound crackly. Not sure if its oscilliating or not (because of the volume increase, I think it might be, but the volume doesn't sound...