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  1. bobeau

    ReClock: skipping after first second

    Posting here as a fellow head-fier turned me on to this great rendering engine, and now I'm hooked.  To my ears it clearly is better than JRiver but with a nasty caveat:   Repost from:   I am using ReClock as a means of providing WASAPI for...
  2. bobeau

    San Diego amp tech?

    Just throwing it out there as I have a SinglePower amp I'd like to have inspected.  Anyone know a good one?  I'm thinking probably anyone who works on tube audio amps/guitar amps would be sufficient?
  3. bobeau

    SinglePower Slam... how does it rank to current options?

    Bought a Slam PPX3 w/ 6sn7 upgrade in late 2005.  Took a breather from headphone audio/Head-fi for a good 4 years or so.  Came back to see there was quite a scandal surrounding the company and it is now defunct.   Back in the day (mid '00s) the Slam seemed to be a dominant amp in its price...
  4. bobeau

    Interesting... from hifi back to the basics

    I spent about 1.5 years and clocked at least 1000 hours on an Ack! 2.0 + Slam PPX3 + L3000 setup. I'm currently grooving to my iPhone with the stock buds at work. I've never owned an iPod before and have only listened briefly to various models over the years. With the rock EQ it sounds...
  5. bobeau

    Listening with freshy pierced ears?

    Guys, I just had both lobes pierced w/ fairly large (12 gauge) hoops. I asked about headphones and he cautioned against it, like for 3-4 months. Unless I keep the phones clinically clean. Any advice? I'm thinking regular leather cleaner/conditioner for my L3k pads might not be good, have...
  6. bobeau

    Fugazi - what's going on with them?

    Every time I check up on these guys it seems like they're deeply involved in projects w/labelmates and other obligations. I mean that's been par for the course with them, but it's like what a half decade since The Argument came out, they're middle aged, have families, etc. Anyone read/heard...
  7. bobeau

    Any other products like Monarchy 24/96 DIP?

    Hey Guys, I'm thinking about giving the Ack! Dack! a go, but I need a toslink input and some jitter reduction/upsampling couldn't hurt either. I know the Monarchys can be had used for a bit more than $100 but I can't find any now, and would feel a bit foolish paying the $250 new. Any...
  8. bobeau

    Bob Marley's recordings...

    It's not just the quality of the music, which is of course superb... but now my setup is quite nice I'm listening to the One Love compilation and am finding the recording quality of the songs stunning - the soundstage, detail, eq, etc, to be standouts amongst my music collection. Anyone feel...
  9. bobeau

    How to connect AV710 and SN Tubedac+?

    The AV710 has optical out. The tubedac+ is coax in. What are my options? If there are adaptors are they lossy?
  10. bobeau

    ATH-L3000 #403

    Just in - slightly used L3000s, courtesy of Canman. A few photos here, don't recall seeing the box/packaging before. Nor have I ever seen a picture of an L3000 w/ a pug. Box Inside box. Inside inside box. Sexy Sadie samples the leather goodness.
  11. bobeau

    Living Colour

    Anyone a fan? Cult of Personality was the first thing I learned to play on guitar, way back in 1990. On a student size $25 classical guitar no less! LC and Zep were about all I listened to before the Seattle explosion took hold. Anyway I revisit their music every few years, like right now...
  12. bobeau

    l3000 pad modification

    I saw an old post where Jorg mentioned using modified pads, how it significantly increased soundstage... has anyone done this and can point me to the particulars of the mod?
  13. bobeau

    Lithium Ion Rechargeables?

    Guys, Whats the state of standard sized lion rechargeables? IOW, will they come to market soon? Has anyone played with proprietary batteries for cameras and such, like this for instance: If it possible to solder on a battery strap...
  14. bobeau

    I like the Etys, but can I live with them?

    Just over the past few days I have been using my Ety ER-4P for extended periods - more than a couple hours - without a break. Also I just got a new headphone amp about a week and a half ago. I'm beginning to notice a very faint ringing in my ears at the end of the day, not immediately, more like...
  15. bobeau

    Where can I find Senn MX-450 in stock?

    Can't seem to find anyplace with these in stock... any pointers?
  16. bobeau

    Ety warranty turnaround?

    Great, just got an amp and my ER-4P's sound is nicely filled out, but now I notice a distinct rattle/fizz in the left driver on John Lennon's "Isolation". I know this isn't a recording 'detail' by using reverse stereo in Foobar. So how long should I expect to be Etyless if I ship them out for...
  17. bobeau

    Portaphile V2 Owners Thread

    I know there's at least a few Head-fi folks getting one from the first batch, so I decided to start a little thread where we can post impressions. Mine just arrived - took me a bit by surprise, expected it no earlier than Monday. It really is a tiny little guy, weighs next to nothing...
  18. bobeau

    EMU 0404: Can't work on Dual Xeon/PCI 3 Workstation?

    Guys, Yesterday I installed an EMU 0404 on my work computer, which is a 2.5 year old Compaq W6000 workstation, sporting dual 2.2 Xeons. Sounded great for the first minute or two, then suddenly static and the song stopped. Tried again and again, the song would always stop within a few...
  19. bobeau

    Sonic Impact T-amp + headphone adaptor?

    Has anyone used a product like this - - with Sonic Impact's amp to drive conventional headphones? EDIT: Found thread which covered this -