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  1. sr20dem0n

    KECES HA-171 vs. M^3

    I do own both of these amps (HA-171 and M^3).  Unfortunately, I use them in different locations (home vs work) with different sources (E-MU 0404 with dedicated DAC vs iPhone) and completely different headphones (HD595 vs Ety ER4P), so I can't really compare them.   They both sound great...
  2. sr20dem0n

    Sennheiser Hd-595 impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by spike33 oh, ur not using amp... maybe thats why. Amp does make a big difference with 595. I agree I'm a rock/metal person, that's what I listen to at least 90% of the time. When I got the 595 they sounded good, not great, but good. With the burn in...
  3. sr20dem0n

    Chair :D

    Quote: Originally Posted by ReasonablyLucid Bump, anyone have an answer? what's the impedance of each one? and no, wiring in series/parallel has no adverse effects, it's a very common wiring scheme in audio.
  4. sr20dem0n

    AUDIO PLATFORM: Vibration Free?

    Quote: Originally Posted by gsferrari damping...the levitation thingy doesnt have any damping other than the mass of the upper plate. It could still work...sure thing - nice idea too (similar to the BULLET train?) But if the assembly were to move up, say if it was sitting on the...
  5. sr20dem0n

    SR225 or HD595

    Quote: Originally Posted by beesje se20dem0n - portability isn't so much of an issue for me, I'm quite happy listening to my E2Cs when I'm out and about. in that case, I'd probably go with the grados and some senn 414 pads. They're comfortable and you still have that "fun factor"
  6. sr20dem0n

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by RnB180 are using anything to hold the RCA plugs other then the solder joints? :X no, because those plugs are just temporary I didn't order the locking ones when I bought them, he sent the wrong ones but the ones that he sent cost twice as much so I...
  7. sr20dem0n

    car speakers- they are all bright as the sun!

    I have loads of recommendations.... If they all sound bright then you're listening to the wrong speakers (Infinity, Focal, MBQ). Infinity's reference line is on the extreme low end of the spectrum as far as car audio goes. You're not alone in your dissatisfication with them, lord knows I hate...
  8. sr20dem0n

    How do you EQ your Grados?

    I had to bump the sub-80hz region on my 225s because it was severely lacking right out of the box. I got the supermacro which helped and I turned off the EQing (I'm not a fan of EQing, never feels right to me) but it was still a little lacking, but with the impedance switch they sound just...
  9. sr20dem0n

    Car amp Question

    Quote: Originally Posted by immtbiker Most head units put out 3-8 watts RMS, which equates to 16-50 watts peak to peak. Maybe stock decks, aftermarket ones are typically in the 20rms/ch range, the v-drive alpines are up at 26rms/ch. 16rms is actually on the low side of things as...
  10. sr20dem0n

    car audio newbie, subwoofers?

    Quote: Originally Posted by JeffL Well, the enclosure is very important to frequency response, but also, the driver must be reasonably designed to extend down to the true bass frequencies. If there is excursion and you don't hear anything, you have a box that isn't properly speced for...
  11. sr20dem0n

    Question about speaker wire

    I always treat the wire that has markings or has the most vibrant color as + (green and grey, green is +; striped and non-striped, striped is +; red and black, red is +). It doesn't matter at all what you do as long as you do the same thing at the speaker end as you do at the amp end.
  12. sr20dem0n

    car audio newbie, subwoofers?

    You would want to port it if anything, sealed boxes have a natural ~12dB/oct rolloff starting at their F3, which is normally around 50-60hz. This means that no matter what sub (or how many subs) you got, the response would start falling off right around the crossover point, if your F3 was say...
  13. sr20dem0n

    Recommended amps to pair with AV-710?

    Quote: Originally Posted by lumanogin why will everytone be sellng theres? Xin just released a new version, and he's allowing current supermacro owners to upgrade for extremely cheap. The good side is that when you upgrade, you still get to keep your original amp, you just get the...
  14. sr20dem0n

    SuperMacro-3 is available with promotion (2XBUF634 for free)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Canuck57 Thanks for the info. GoTo. Does anybody have an opinion on the option to "Remove the opamp socket in ground channel and double caps to 4000uF?" Supposedly swapping out the opamp in the ground channel has little to no difference in the...
  15. sr20dem0n

    SuperMacro-3 is available with promotion (2XBUF634 for free)

    Quote: Originally Posted by goto2003 A reply from Xin. He's trying to test a new idea that may further improve the currently exceptional design of SM3. However, this new idea may take him one or two weeks. He said he can ship SM3 using the current design in three days , but he wants to...
  16. sr20dem0n

    SuperMacro V3.0!!!!!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jester I am with you...I've got an email in to Dr. Xin regarding my order from last week. Considering that he usually ships USPS Priority and I have not received the amp, I am going to assume that it has not shipped. At least I hope so. It took around a...
  17. sr20dem0n

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    I got them from, they were some of the only decent looking ones I was able to find and they were easy to work with, which is definitely a plus.
  18. sr20dem0n

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    my small contribution ~6ft 1/8" extension 1/4" to 1/8" adaptor 1/8" to 1/4" adaptor short set of rcas
  19. sr20dem0n

    SuperMacro V2.0 coming out soon!

    I just ordered my SM last fri, and it just shipped yesterday......damn, talk about bittersweet maybe I'll get those new boards when they come in
  20. sr20dem0n

    Best Headphones Under $240

    Quote: Originally Posted by sr20dem0n musical tastes? do they need to be closed or is open fine? will they be used for a portable or just around home? these are very important questions and the sr-225 is made by grado
  21. sr20dem0n

    Best Headphones Under $240

    Quote: Originally Posted by DaHoboFest My friend is dumb, and doesn't want to register so i'll ask his question for him. It's proboly been asked like 1 million times, but ill do it again. for under $240, what are the best headphones? musical tastes? do they need to be...
  22. sr20dem0n

    Apologies to Grado users, and kudos to Grado

    was it possible that the others you tried weren't broken in? I wasn't very impressed with my 225s before they broke in, afterwards it's a whole different ballgame
  23. sr20dem0n

    Recommendation for sub $500 subwoofer?

    and on top of that, Adire rocks I have the brahma 15, koda components, and kit81 towers, never been disappointed with any of it
  24. sr20dem0n

    Better than Bose?

    just show him this
  25. sr20dem0n

    Recommendation for sub $500 subwoofer?

    are you open to building your own? you would just buy the driver, buy a plate amp, and build an enclosure