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  1. hypertek

    saw this at a garage sale, old realistic sa 101 stereo amp

    I saw one of these at a garage sale, think its worth playing with?   i didnt get it since im broke and its probably just a few dollars.     Im going back there on saturday, so if they...
  2. hypertek

    got $25 bestbuy gift card..

    I got a $25 card for my bday.. I went to bestbuy and didnt see anything worthwhile.. I think consumer grade products don't interest me much anymore..   Anyways, I see they got the Koss KSC75 on their website, I know these where hot a few years ago, are they still...
  3. hypertek

    looking for cheap replacement for my jvc fx33 that i dragged on the ground

    Yo! ok so I am unemployed at the momment.. I had these fx33 for almost a year now as my portible earphones for my zune mp3 player with a fiio e5 pumping it up. I enjoyed the sounds, awesome cheap earphones that sound good, even did the so called "mod " to them.   Just curious if there is any...
  4. hypertek

    so i got $100 gift card from best buy

    thinking about taking my first venture into full sized cans but limited to $100 gift card at best buy.. Im debating either to just look into some full sized cans or just get some ps3 video games lol... reason i say that is because i know bestbuy aint the best price on headphones, I could...
  5. hypertek

    any way to save earphones once they start to rattle?

    I got these sony earphones for a few months, been good for me. Im a broke school student and dont want to be purchasing a new set. I recently removed the "in ear" plastic these came with and started rocking them with foam covers, sounds alot better. The right driver has started to produce a...