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  1. John Massaria

    The Rarest Wood Headphone In The World

    THE RAREST WOOD HEADPHONES IN THE WORLD Bog Oak – The Rarest Wood in the World ABOUT BOG OAK (Quoted from external source): "The bog oak is unique material and has no analogues (unique in time that can not be reproduced in the future because of the climate conditions at that time unique in...
  2. John Massaria

    The Holy Trinity Of Electrostatic, Planar and Dynamic You Own - Quadrinity if You Want to Include IEM

    This is a new thread to see if or how many people have all three or all four of these types of headphones Please state what you currently own (with or without pictures) and What Amps you use that makes that pairing so special and only if you own all three or all three plus IEMs. You can add...
  3. John Massaria

    Single best upgrade everyone can finally agree on under $500

    The best thing I can personally suggest is to invest in a dedicated 15A-20A single pole circuit breaker for your digital equipment and AND MAYBE another 15-20A for your amplifier/preamp/headamp. Using 12 gauge or better yet 10 gauge romex type wire. Another suggestion while your electrician is...