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  1. Dan E

    Review by 'Dan E' on item 'Empire Ears Phantom'

    Introduction Empire Ears has established itself as one of the biggest players on the in-ear headphone market. Based in Bufford, USA, Empire Ears offers a wide range of first-class monitors. The last product line was mostly themed after Greek Gods, with Zeus naming the mighty flagship...
  2. Dan E

    Review by 'Dan E' on item 'Mad Cable ReMSG'

    Introduction The cable market has been expanding rapidly with a large amount of companies joining the competition. One important hub for this market is Hong Kong, where some of the world’s most renowned brands like Labkable, Brimar, YY Pro and Rhapsodio are stationed. In this review I would...
  3. Dan E

    Review by 'Dan E' on item 'Empire Ears Zeus'

    Introduction Empire Ears started off as a Kickstarter project under the name EarWerkz. Within only three years the brand got not only established, but climbed the ladder all up to the Olympus of in-ear monitors and is nowadays competing with the best IEM makers in the world. Based in Bufford...
  4. Dan E

    Reply to review by 'dan e' on item 'SilverFi IEM-R2'

    thanks for your positive feedback! I associate colourful with a lot of different aspects, such as warmth, thickness of notes and dynamics. To unify them I think colourful gives a good association - no idea why people do not use this adjective normally.