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  1. Dobrescu George

    Crosszone Headphones [CZ-1, CZ-10, and More!]

    Hello there, everyone! I decided to make a thread about Crosszone headphones, since we ain't got any so far. Those are high-end headphones from Japan, with interesting technologies. So far, I know they have two models, the CZ-1 and the CZ-10. Here's some info about each, from the...
  2. Dobrescu George

    Microphones & Recording Thread [Rode, Lotoo, Zoom]

    It just occured to me that we don't have much of a microphone thread, despite Head-Fi being one of the largest audio webbies and forums out there So I will start. I made a video review about rode NTG 2 Mic, recorded with Rode NTG3B mic, but with examples of both in the video
  3. Dobrescu George

    ALLO Audio Revolution DAC Official Thread

    Howdy Music Lovers, I noticed there was no official thread and product page about this one, so I decided to make one myself :) I am working on reviews about it, so stay tuned. This is the info that can be found on their website: --- The...
  4. Dobrescu George

    Plixir Elite BAC 400 (And Other Plixir Power Tweaks Thread)

    Info about the unit from official sources : Elite BAC 400 The PLiXiR Elite BAC 400 power conditioner is the best mains AC power conditioning product for your desktop Hi-fi system. Designed around our concept of Pure Tone*, it naturally cleans up the incoming AC mains supply and improves...
  5. Dobrescu George

    What the **** is Blue Star Ring Headband - Headphone, More Or Less?

    I'm making an official thread to discuss the Blue Star Ring Headband - There's no thread yet, and I actually never heard how bone conduction systems sound like. Curious about them for sure. Long story short, I was contacted and asked if I want to review this - said yes, because I never heard a...
  6. Dobrescu George

    AudioAnalogue AAdac Discussion Thread

    There wasn't a thread about the AAdac or any other AudioAnalogue products before, so I decided to make one This is the info available from their website: AAdac The new AAdac is the latest product of PureAA line. Just like the AAcento and AAphono, it is a product that perfectly fits in the...
  7. Dobrescu George

    Spirit Torino SuperLeggera Open-Back Dynamic Headphones

    There was no thread about the SuperLeggera yet, so I decided to make one and talk with everyone about those awesome headphones! :) SUPERLEGGERA The SUPERLEGGERA draws on the design experience of Spirit Torino to bring all of the qualities of...
  8. Dobrescu George

    EarMen TR-Amp - Donald DAC - USB DAC - Preamp - Headphone Amp – Battery powered, ES9038Q2M, 400mW, 3700mA Battery, MQA rendering, SNR +128dB SNR A-Weighted (Discussion Thread Earmen)

    Hello everyone. I'm bad at making threads. But could not find any for TR-AMP. PLS erase this if it already existed. I am just copying the information about TR-AMP in this first post USB DAC - Preamp - Headphone Amp – Battery powered All audio formats PCM 32bit/384kHz, MQA and native...
  9. Dobrescu George

    Polk Signa S2 Soundbar & Subwoofer

    Hello everyone! I have made a full in-depth review about this one :) Also posted my review on Head-Fi :) Also...
  10. Dobrescu George

    OVC Vacuum Tube Headphones - Impressions Thread

    Okay, so this is the thread for OVC - Vacuum Tube Headphones! They are actually real!! Let's talk about them! Site: Price: 300 USD Specification • Frequency response :10 Hz -45 kHz • Headphone driver impedance : 300Ω • S/N >90 dB • THD < 1% • One push...
  11. Dobrescu George

    LX-Ear Flex One CIEMs|| The World' First Flexible Discrete CIEM || 3D Printed || Handmade in Romania

    *Disclaimer - I am not affiliated with LX-Ear, and I am have not received any money to make a thread. I just found out the company exists and wanted to make it better knwon, as they have awesome prices and the products seem really cool. I met with their Director at a Romanian Audiophile Meeting...
  12. Dobrescu George

    MOOH-BE00BT Official Thread!

    Let me introduce you the MOOH-BE00BT! I'll need to give them a shorter name because that is a pain to write. M0 sounds good. MZero sounds kinda cool actually. So I recently got one of those - they are quite inexpensive, and they do their job really well! You wouldn't believe how much my wife...
  13. Dobrescu George

    The Official Sennheiser IE800S thread!

    Sennheiser IE 800 S is the successor to the mighty IE 800! What do we know so far: - Successor to the mighty ie800 - Price: 1000$ - Box contents vastly improved over ie800 - Comes with Balanced options Official Specs: Impedance - 16 OHM Frequency Response - 5 Hz - 46.5kHz SPL - 125dB at 1v...
  14. Dobrescu George

    Dunu DK-3001 IEM - 4 driver, 1Dynamic + 3BA

    We should have an official thread for DK-3001! It is an amazing IEM and totally deserves its own thread along with more recognition! Images and information from Dunu's site: Specifications Drivers: Dynamic(13mm)*1 + Balanced Armature*3 Frequency range: 5 Hz-40 KHz Impedance: 13Ω...
  15. Dobrescu George

    Simgot EN700 Bass Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Hello everyone! I've been getting interested in the new Simgot EN700 Bass edition IEM since I've noticed a lot of positive reviews for them. I didn't see an official thread for this one so I thought we should have one! Seems that Simgot have improved over their original EN700 design by...
  16. Dobrescu George

    Funny things in audio [Fun thread for Sound Science]

    Out of curiousity.    I was browsing 9gag, and just stumbled upon this post.    I am not sure if it's real or not, but sound science is the best place to debate it.
  17. Dobrescu George

    Recommend me some music!

    Hello!   So.. I need music.    Youtube links, band names, albums names, songs names... Just recommend.    There is one headline, the song needs to make you feel truly good. No sadness or negative message. For example good songs are Ylvis-Fox, Arctic monkeys, Fratellis, no genera...
  18. Dobrescu George

    What is the best launcher for android based DAPs?

    Hello!   I wanted to ask, for those using their smartphones as DAPs, or for those who have Android based DAPs, what is the best launcher to install from playstore?   I have been testing a few, and so far, I do not have a good conclusion, so I wanted to ask this to the people who have more...
  19. Dobrescu George

    Can anyone help me decide what midend smartphone to pick?

    Hello!   On 19 june I can buy from Orange Romania a new smartphone.    I can choose between orange Nura and huawei p8lite. Anyone knows which would provide a better companion for me? I use my smartphone for a lot of stuff, internet, gps, and for the camera. I would like the bigger screen...
  20. Dobrescu George

    Ie8/Ie80 Mod for better sound. V2. Half Tape Mod. Photo added.

    As many of you know, there is this mod of adding duct tape over ie8 for reducing veil, but it takes away soundstage, and everything, but takes away veil, and makes everything clearer.   after making some tries, with many different materials, with a few equations of including a de-pressurizing...
  21. Dobrescu George

    What the FUX is the difference between 440 and 432 hz, and why does such a conecpt exists?

    I think that there are enough kind and smart people around here that would point me to understanding from where and why such concept exists, whilst music is clearly made of all frequencies, and no one can ever separate a particular frequency, and this freq would be, i dunno, maybe between E and...
  22. Dobrescu George

    Ultrasone edition 8 and edition 5 unlimited questions

    In short, i want to know if it is worth buying edition 8 or edition 5 unlimited, or i should remain with signature dj, if i am going to have chord hugo as a source...   I can listen to all of them, but for a short time, in a store, and only using fiio x5 as a source, i might get the false...
  23. Dobrescu George

    A Story about a pair of Sennheiser IE8, and how to make them sound good. Same for Ie80

    This could be a story of love and hate, friendship and learning from mistakes, but i guess that it will not.   It just occured to me that someone is bound to make the same mistake as me.   I own sennheiser ie8 for 5 years... i have never been happy with them until today.. what happened...
  24. Dobrescu George

    I need some help choosing a new laptop, if anyone can help me

    this seems like a nice place to ask this...   i need a laptop, around 1500$. basically, 17", gt860m, i7-4710hq,8gbram,1tbhdd... . should i buy one with ips or tf screen?... i am so torn between choosing clevo w370SS and ASUS 17.3" ROG G751JM..   i do a lot of gaming, and anime watching using...
  25. Dobrescu George

    anyone into post classical music?

    pretty hard to fiind good post classical music    balmorhea clogs ethel nils frahm woodworkings   these are all i could fiind to be nice post classical bands...