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  1. ScottieB

    OH NO! My DAC and amp died today HELP! (LD MKIII, audio GD Compass)

    Hi all.   I've been using my modest combo of an Audio-GD Compass (as my DAC via coax) and a little Dot MKIII tube amp very happily for a few years now. Everything is out of warranty...   The Compass knobs (both input and volume) had been acting up a bit lately, some static and imbalance that...
  2. ScottieB

    Recable a Koss Portapro for added Durability (or durable IEMs/Earbuds)?

    Hi all - been some time since I've been around... back off the wagon am I?   Anyway, first, yes, I know that Koss has a lifetime warranty. In fact, I LOVE that Koss has a lifetime warranty, and I've used it a few times. They even sent me back new headphones once when I forgot to include the...
  3. ScottieB

    x-fi Fatal1ty settings

    Hey all, Sorry if this has been addressed, tried searching and was left with this question... I am using the coax out on my x-fi to a zero dac to a LD MKIII tube amp. It is my understanding that "audio creation mode" with "bit perfect" out is ideal. I've also read that I should set it to...