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    I'm getting static noises through my rear 3.5mm jack, plugged into my studio monitor speakers (unbalanced connection I know). It doesn't happen with multiple different headphones plugged straight into the rear jack. It also happens though but not as much noise using my external USB Schiit Modi...
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    Room Treatment/Room Acoustics

    I'm just learning about these subjects since I recently bought studio monitors for casual listening use. The way my room is setup here, how does this impact the sound? Rear ported JBL LSR305, placed about 4 inches from the walls. I assume bass response is a little higher than it should be...
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    Question about Sound

    Can someone please explain in as to how Koss Porta Pros, and bassy headphones like them (Sennheiser PX etc), are good for commuting?
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    How much money have you spent on audio equipment?

    So...   how broke are you?
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    Amp for Q701, HD650

    Is the Asgard 2 + Modi a good combo? or should I just get a Vali, is it even worth getting the Asgard?   The Q701 may or may not be switched out for a Fidelio X1, or DT880/990.
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    How do you backup your music?

    Thinking of buying an external hard drive to back up my music, what programs do you use? Windows backup or just manually copy and paste everything? Like to hear what you guys use. 
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    Foobar Mobile Fundraiser

    Browsing the Foobar website, they are making a fundraiser for Foobar Mobile. You can support it here:   I'll be really excited if this gets funded, you can even get a pair of IEM's for donating in a specific price bracket. 
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    Portable FullSize or OnEar under $200

    Hey, I'd like to see what my options are for a portable fullsize or on ear for under $200. I listen to electropop, post-hardcore. Closed headphone. I already own the Koss ProDJ100, but I'd like something with a little bit more bass as the DJ100 does not isolate that well; you know the story.   ...
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    Upgrade from HD558's

    The search begins. Basically looking for an open headphone, an upgrade to my HD558's. I love them, but I want a bigger sound stage, and maybe even more natural sounding. The bass of the 558's is plenty for me. My ears are pretty sensitive to treble heavy headphones. I have the HD600/Q701 on my...
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    KRK Rokit 5 G1 speakers a pair for $99 at a thrift shop in very good condition, with no cables. Know what cables I need to use and can I use it with my computer?
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    Questions about ripping CD's

    I'm trying to rip CD's using EAC. I want to rip both WAV and MP3 CBR 320 and I have some questions.    - Ripping wav, it just shows "Track 1, 2.." ect, is there a way to make it name them correctly? - How do I compress to MP3? I tried some guides and I can't really get it to work   How...
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    MDR V6 vs Grado Harshness?

  13. Fuzziekiwi

    AKG K240 Studio VS Koss DJ100?

    I am wondering what is the difference of these headphones. I believe they are both known to be mid-centric headphones. Home use only.   What are your opinions on:   The bass (quantity AND quality)? What are the strengths and weaknesses? Difference between amped and unamped? How the...
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    Sony MDR-V6 Question

    Does the clamping force get better as you use it more? Just wondering. They are just a slightly uncomfortable, but nothing bad!