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  1. Fimbulvetr

    Triple drivers CIEMs.

    I know the 1964 ears v3, alclair reference, and JH5 seem to be well regarded around here (havent heard them personally). Do they even make livewires anymore?   Just wondering, why are you going customs from a 100$ IEM? I think it might be better to try different IEMs to make sure you know what...
  2. Fimbulvetr

    V-Moda M-80s at Radio Shack for $40!!!

      Maybe just Radioshack clearing out their stock. They've been putting a lot of stuff on clearance in general, I believe for their new business model (with less inventory). V moda M80s were ~130-140$ on ebay before the radioshack sale.   The M80s have a 2 year warranty
  3. Fimbulvetr

    V-Moda M-80s at Radio Shack for $40!!!

      Oh actually I went to Orange on tues and it was reserved then. And lol I think a lot of people went to Short Hills, myself included.
  4. Fimbulvetr

    V-Moda M-80s at Radio Shack for $40!!!

      Hmmm, were you at the Orange store? I went to that store and they told me someone called to hold a set of M80s 30 mins ago hahaha. Store locator only works up to 10 miles, that's why. 10 off 40 code...
  5. Fimbulvetr

    The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

    Radioshack selling M80s for 40$ for real! In store only. Definitely hard to find now, and you have to tell the employees to look in the back since the M80 isn't displayed in the store.
  6. Fimbulvetr

    V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Reviews

      Nope, I just picked up 2 today out of 4 radioshacks that said they had it in stock today. One RS even let me use a 10 off 40$ coupon (register a .edu account, though I used yahoo and it worked yest) so it was 32.07$ o_____O. BEST DEAL EVER. I did drive ~3 hours though to get em. Also, none...
  7. Fimbulvetr

    Looking for best IEM for my cowon player

    Oh I just assumed bass since the S4 has decent bass and not much else. Thread with reviews of 295 IEMs. S4 is rated a 6.7 while the GR06 is a 8.1. @ 99$, the Hifiman RE 400 is rated a 8.9...
  8. Fimbulvetr

    New Unique Melody Triple Dynamic CIEM announced

    Man, sounds like UM needs to hire more workers. I really want to know if this is a good IEM for me (from reviews).
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    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    Quote: I'm actually very curious about this too. I quite like the EX1000's soundstage and how natural it sounds. Would you have any recommendations for an upgrade? I prefer a slightly V shaped signature with slightly warm, punchy bass (bass quantity between EX1000 and TF10), slightly...
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    The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

    Quote: Both Radio Shacks I visited didnt think they had M80s. They both had 1 after looking in the back. 
  11. Fimbulvetr

    New in-ear earbuds under 100$

    The S4 is alright but you can definitely get better IEMs for the price. Maybe GR06 for ~60$ or the Yamaha EPH-100 for 113$ on amazon (and is rated WAY higher than the S4).   Here is a thread comparing 292 IEMs by Joker. The S4 is rated a 6.7, the GR06 (8.1), EPH-100 (8.9). Also the RE400 is...
  12. Fimbulvetr

    Should I get the Klipsch image x10?

    They're cheap and the SQ is pretty good for the price. Treble is dull and kinda boring. Also the bass is plentiful IMO (i found the S4 too bassy though) but quick as well. Sounds very much like armature bass to me, which can be good or bad IMO. 
  13. Fimbulvetr

    Best in-ears for under $150?

    I'd get the 112/121/122/etc and not the 132 unless you really want the remote since the 132s are generally over 150$. has filters
  14. Fimbulvetr

    Need help on chosing some IEM's

    He just said low bass, not necess a lot about it. Granted I haven't heard the RE-400 but it seems highly regarded. On the other hand, I have owned the S4 and its just not very good unless you get a steep discount on it or something.
  15. Fimbulvetr

    JVC Marshmellows thoughts?

    Why not just get the JVC fx40 like everyone is recommending?   For ex, Joker has reviewed 287 in ears and rates the marshmallow a 4.2/10 and the FX40 a 7.2/10. According to his review, the FX 40 does have a lot of highs though in addition to a good (but not extreme) amount of bass...
  16. Fimbulvetr

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    Quote: I have these on my TF10 and have not have any durability issues. You'll need to file them down a little to fit the TF10 but that's only a matter of minutes
  17. Fimbulvetr

    JVC HA-FX40 | Believe the hype!

    Quote:   You could definitely try the Sony EX1000 if you like sparkly treble, its really a nice IEM that's more natural and spacious (soundstage) vs the W4. The EX1000's mids aren't laid back tho like the FX40
  18. Fimbulvetr

    HELP!!! All rounder IEM under $200

    Quote: To be honest, you really can't just read the H200 thread and assume its better than the TF10. While this may be true, you have to consider that its the H 200 thread! If you were in the TF10 thread, the majority of the users would say the TF10 is the best...    Haven't used the...
  19. Fimbulvetr

    Phonak Audeo (PFE) Thread

    Hmmm, thanks for the input, I shall try larger tips/the foam tips (never liked foam for other IEMs but might as well try it out)
  20. Fimbulvetr

    Phonak Audeo (PFE) Thread

    I'm pretty sure I have a good seal. Probably disappointed since I like a slightly warm sound signature. The PFE does have pretty good vocals, better than entry fi stuff like say the S4 or Brainwavz ProAlpha/M1 by far, but really isn't a low end, top tier IEM like I thought it would be.  
  21. Fimbulvetr

    Phonak Audeo (PFE) Thread

    So I just got the PFE122s and I gotta say I expected a little more from these IEMs, with a MSRP of 140$ or so (got em for 80, so I can't complain at this price point)   My initial impressions are that the PFE was pretty fast across the frequency spectrum with nice sparkly highs. On the other...