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  1. OliverBB

    iBasso IT01 a fun IEM. Single multilayered graphene driver. !! 99 USD !!

    Hi- Can anyone compare the IT01's to the 1MORE Quad Drivers? I was actually looking to pick up the it01's but noticed on Amazon that the Quad's are on sale on Amazon for about the same price. The biggest area of comparison for me would be the treble as it seems they both are borderline hot in...
  2. OliverBB

    LZ A5

    I might be in the minority but I absolutely hate the look...
  3. OliverBB

    FiiO F5- Aerospace Titanium Diaphragm In-ear Monitor

    Thanks for the link. That looks like it would work!
  4. OliverBB

    FiiO F5- Aerospace Titanium Diaphragm In-ear Monitor

    Thanks for your reply. Sorry I wasn't clearer- I was just looking to use the balanced cable itself as it is a higher quality cable knowing that I would not get balanced output from my setup.
  5. OliverBB

    FiiO F9, F9Pro-Detachable MMCX connector,Hi-Res Audio Certified,2.5mm TRRS/3.5mm audio cable

    So in the end I ended up getting the Fiio F9 SE knowing full well that the hot mid/treble peak was going to be an issue for me-however in doing this I took Brooko's suggestion of adjusting the 8K fader down on my EQ (Poweramp) on my Galaxy S8. Sure enough when I got them they were way too hot...
  6. OliverBB

    Echobox Finder X1 review/impressions/discussion thread

    Can anyone compare the Finder X1's to the Fiio EX1(Dunu Titan 1)? I want to pull the trigger on the Finder but I worry the X1 has too much treble. FIIO EX1 is prob the most treble prominent IEM I own. Thanks in advance!!!
  7. OliverBB

    Simgot EN700 Bass Impressions & Discussion Thread

    I just got these the other day and I agree! The fit is very weird for me and nothing like I've experienced. Usually with most IEM's I just grab the biggest tip and thrust them into my ear and get a pretty good fit most of the time and I'm done. With these those if I go a little too far I...
  8. OliverBB

    Introducing Trinity Audio Engineering

    I've had both the Sabre and the Mee Audio P1 (the reg version not Massdrop though I think they're sound sig is pretty much the same) and ajaxender is right. The Sabre are quite vivid-actually too vivid for my tastes. They are quite hot for me in the high mids/lower treble and accentuated...
  9. OliverBB

    LZ-A4 Impressions and Discussion Thread

    What you could do and what I've done in the past for the same issue as yours-Instead of using a biflange tip buy set of triple flange tips from Mee. You get that extra 3rd small flange on the end that you can stick a Spiral Dot on. That's it. It just slips right on and stays in place. Your...
  10. OliverBB

    New Dragonfly Black and Red Discussion

    Ok thanks. I'll give it a try tonight as I don't have it on me now. BTW I'm digging the DFB based on your recommendation awhile back!  
  11. OliverBB

    New Dragonfly Black and Red Discussion

    Just curious does Spotify work with Android? On my Galaxy S5 I assumed it didn't because using UAPP, Spotify is one of the services not listed in the app (although it has Tidal and Qobuz).    
  12. OliverBB


    As far as tip rolling goes the Nozzle of the W3 (which looks the same as W30) is short for my ear canals. Even the biggest longest Star Tips didn't quite work. So what I ended up doing was putting the smallest triple flange tip I have on the W3 and then putting a large Spiral Dot tip on the the...
  13. OliverBB

    Q-Jays are back.

    Thanks! If that is the case than I'm probably out. I recently picked up the Songbird Re600 which is pretty much taking care of my neutral needs. 
  14. OliverBB

    Q-Jays are back.

    Hi, I had the P1's at one point but just couldn't get a good fit so I returned them. Curious about a comparison between the 2 as the QJays seems to be the type of IEM that would fit me perfectly (barrel design). Bass in particular- the P1 was about as neutral of a bass sig as I could go, do the...
  15. OliverBB

    New Dragonfly Black and Red Discussion

    That's very helpful! Thanks!
  16. OliverBB

    New Dragonfly Black and Red Discussion

    Yeah in the end that's probably what I will end up doing (purchasing online). I wish there were a local hifi shop in the area to try this kind of stuff out but unfortunately that is not the case. 
  17. OliverBB

    New Dragonfly Black and Red Discussion

    Thanks for your input. To be honest I'd like to get away with the Black as it's 100 bucks cheaper.  
  18. OliverBB


    Hi Rainmaker91, sorry I missed this post. I had actually moved onto another earphone as I'm not sure the Trinity house sound is quite for me. However I thank you anyways for your offer. Much appreciated! 
  19. OliverBB


    Hi everyone, is there any way someone would be able to post  a picture of the Delta VII next to say the Shozy Zero? The Shozy's fit quite well in my ear canals but Im not sure if something much bigger would fit. I read from a few reviews that the Delta VII is on the larger size.   Thanks so...
  20. OliverBB

    Shozy Zero IEMs

    Can anyone compare these to say the Thinksound TS02 or MS01 which I own? The Shozy's looks just like them and the Thinksounds also have a warm full sound. Just wondering if it's worth it to grab the Shozy's as an upgrade.   Thanks!
  21. OliverBB

    Shozy Zero IEMs

    Hi can anyone compare these to any of the Thinksound products like the MS01 or TS02? Seems like a natural comparison as they are both wood as well.   Thanks!
  22. OliverBB

    Dunu TITAN Series (new for 2019: Titan 6) [Page 196]

    Just got the Fiio Ex1 delivered the other day. I absolutely love them! I was worried about sibilance from the reviews but for the most part I don't have a problem with that using the Sony Hybrid like tips. The highs to me are about as hot as they can be without being fatiguing and are very...
  23. OliverBB

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro - Limited Edition, 32 Ohms

    Thanks for your reply. I currently have the M100 but the bass at times is just way too much for me on some types of songs/genres. I was looking for an alternative that isn't quite as bass heavy and has better mids. From your post it looks like the DT770 32 could fit that bill.