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  1. sr20dem0n

    HD800 vs WA2

    Brief history time - I've moved through a few headphones in the last couple of decades, including the SR-225, HE-400, ATH-M50, HD595, and HD650.  I've also had a few amps, including the AMB M3, AMB B22, and the Speedball Crack.   I mostly listen to rock/metal.  The SR-225 are painfully bright...
  2. sr20dem0n

    looking for something more aggressive

    hey all, this is my first real post here, seems like a nice forum you have. I'm pretty active on most of the car audio forums on the net, but I've only started getting into headphones pretty recently. Right now I have a set of Sony V600's and Senn hd595s. I must say the Sonys blow, but I'm...