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  1. Brat_Boy

    Best $50-60 dollar headphones

    SR60, or if you're cheap, Koss KSC75. They're a quarter of the price and are only a bit worse than my SR80's. Treble is a bit tinny in comparison, but it's hardly noticeable.
  2. Brat_Boy

    Ripping Software???

    Honestly, I just use Windows Media Player to rip to 192 kbps. I can't hear the difference between the CD itself and that, plus it saves space.
  3. Brat_Boy

    What's more important: Musicality or Detail?

    Unlike many here, I don't sit back and listen to music just to do so. I listen to my music while I'm doing something else - surfing the net, driving, doing homework, etc. Having a beat to go along with my activities is more important than hearing every little detail without a good feel. I'd take...
  4. Brat_Boy

    Most expensive portable audio gear ...

    DAP: ZVM - $200 Phones: KSC75 - $15 SR80 - $0 (my dad's) =$215. But that just might rise in the near future...I'm eying the PA2V2...
  5. Brat_Boy

    Woody care

    Quote: Originally Posted by HiWire This thread fails to deliver. Seriously, though, it's best to keep your wood in a cool and dry place. I Need to grow up...
  6. Brat_Boy

    Zen Vision M or Zune? Crap I need a new player!

    You guys are making me feel terrible about yesterday's ZVM purchase. As far as I'm concerned, the ZVM sounds great with good recordings.
  7. Brat_Boy

    Can someone help with my choices?

    I just got a Zen Vision: M today and I really like it. Great sound quality, good video, nice GUI, and it feels/looks nice. The software's half-decent too.
  8. Brat_Boy

    Zen Vision: M battery life

    Thanks for the replies. But what I was actually asking is how long the battery will keep its juice; ie, until the player dies from an unusable battery. This would probably take years, but I'm just curious. Somehow the thought of a non-removable battery makes me edgy. Edit: On the topic of...
  9. Brat_Boy

    Zen Vision: M battery life

    My Zen Micro broke after going through the wash (slap self), so I'm getting a new player. Best Buy is sending me a voucher for the value of my Micro (they actually made good on the warranty!), and I'm thinking of getting a Zen Vision: M, since I don't like the Zune or iPod too much (and their...
  10. Brat_Boy

    KSC75 storage?

    I wouldn't worry about a case. They're extremely durable (they went through the wash with my Micro. They survived fine, but unfortunately the latter did not). I just have mine wrapped up on my desk.
  11. Brat_Boy

    Guitar Gods: Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore, ..

    J.J. Cale (sounds like a more laid-back Clapton in both singing and guitar) The Who's Peter Townshend Red Hot Chili Peppers - John Frusciante. I went to a concert at the end of last year and was incredible. Audioslave/Soundgarden: Chris Cornell Dire Straits: Mark Knopfler
  12. Brat_Boy

    SR60/KSC75 worth it?

    The KSC75s are the best $12 I ever spent. They sound nearly as good as my SR80's and they're very portable.
  13. Brat_Boy

    What headphones do you have, and what do you still want?

    Have: KSC75 SR80 I'm still a bit of a newcomer to the Hi-Fi thing, so I'm still trying to figure out what exactly I like. The ones I have sound great for what I listen to (rock, reggae, acoustic), but I'm curious as to what the upper-end Grados sound like. And Senns; never even heard a pair.
  14. Brat_Boy


    I like calzones too. I should have re-phrased that: fat chicks eating school calzones. Anyway, they really look like something an astronaut would wear - in a bad way. They look big and white and overly puffy. And with lots of weird plastic things jutting out.
  15. Brat_Boy

    What's my weakest link?

    Heh, my ears don't think so. They sound fantastic through my computer.
  16. Brat_Boy

    What's my weakest link?

    So, today I got back to my main setup and plugged in a pair of SR80's. They sound better than my speakers, but everything sounds quite a bit worse coming straight from my Zen Micro, no amp. What can I do to improve the sound? Buy a pocket amp, buy a more robust MP3 player (hopefully not)? I love...
  17. Brat_Boy

    Someone who definatly needs to visit Head-fi

    Quote: Originally Posted by _M2 HOW did it start that people started to refer to recommending BOSE withoutHearing other higher end headphones? Like many things today, people are just too prejudice. Most people probably don't even know Koss, Grado, AKG, and Sennheiser exist. I...
  18. Brat_Boy

    Someone who definatly needs to visit Head-fi

    The funniest thing that's happened to me with headphones is when I went over to share some music with a girl. I had my very small, stylish, awesome sounding KSC75's with me. Her friend said they were "huge". She was wearing iBuds. Honestly, when I listen to iBuds they hurt my ears, fall out, get...
  19. Brat_Boy

    The Music Game VII

    Welcome to Jamrock - Damian Marley
  20. Brat_Boy

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#6]

    Woman Like a Man - Damien Marley
  21. Brat_Boy

    ksc75 fit

    I just bent my earclips out a bit so the 'phones don't press against and hurt my ears. They sound great to me and I barely know I'm wearing them.
  22. Brat_Boy

    KSC-75 stocking stuffer for the wife

    Good choice. I love my KSC75's. They sound much better than any of my friends' headphones. And girls' tastes are kind of odd. I offered one girl to listen to some music, and her friend said "god, those things are massive!" I guess some people just don't understand that quality beats looks. And...
  23. Brat_Boy

    BASS or Not ?

    I like my music to have some good, medium bass. Should be deep, but not overwhelming. I like to have a 'floor' to it. I like having an underlying, sort of moving feel to the song, which is made by the bass. Too much and other things are drowned out, too little and it's all tinny. I'm currently...
  24. Brat_Boy

    Headphone under 20$ with O.K bass, any recommendations?

    Yep, I love my KSC-75's. Super portable and sound miles better than my old Sony neckband 'phones.
  25. Brat_Boy

    Just got my KSC75's!

    The only problem I've found so far after a day's use is the ear clips popping off. But that's better than having them bend or break irreparably. They're easy to snap back on too. And the whole phone is very comfy, I can't even tell they're on me except for the double wires. Everyone I've showed...