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    the subi
  2. vdub

    How many pairs of headphones do you own?

    Own 4, but that's the average I think.
  3. vdub

    Some OVERRATED High End Gear.

    Going back to the beginning of the thread.... I have to defend Bel Canto some. I own both the S300iu and DAC 2.5 and couldn't be happier. Of course its not the most uber-perfect rig that everyone thinks that theirs is, but it works for me. The S300iu runs a pair of paradigm studio 60s and love...
  4. vdub

    Upgrading Grado SR80 cables

    I just recabled my sr80i with 22 ga. jumper wire from dh labs. Just braided it up, terminated, and installed. Sounds great too. For $30 bucks it was a great improvement, especially after 50 hours or so.
  5. vdub

    Which bands are still recording analog?

    Cmon guys, you can't forget about the White Stripes. Jack White even does his own tube rolling in the studio.
  6. vdub

    My mind is starting to melt.

    I would take a look at the PS Audio DL3 dac. Has USB, optical, and coaxial inputs. Upsamples to 96 and 192, fully balanced (even has xlr outputs), and even sounded better than a McIntosh dac used in a $150k 2 channel setup and that dac was $4k! I love mine. U can pick one up for $695.
  7. vdub

    What is your age/occupation?

    22- diesel technician
  8. vdub

    Ordered HD800/PS1000 // Interest in HD800/PS1000 // Wait and see

    My PS1000's will be in this week. I tend to love the grado house sound. I've owned the HD650's and 600's and sold them both.
  9. vdub

    PS-1000 anyone?

    Mine will be in tomorrow. My local dealer had to constant be on their tail for them to ship for some reason.
  10. vdub

    Any opinions on the Sony MDR-V700DJ?

    I own a set of V700DJs and would not recommend them unless you really like bass. personally I think the koss portapros would be a better choice for the money. Second of all, if you find a pair for 50 bucks they are used or a chinese knock-off.
  11. vdub

    Organizing all that music. How?!?!

    I would highly recommend a program called Tune-Up companion. Its a iTunes add-on for 30 dollars. Load up the songs and it will search gracenote and update all of the id3 tags automatically. I then let iTunes organize my library. It's simple, painless and takes alot less time.
  12. vdub

    What headphones do you have, and what do you still want?

    Have: K701 HD650 + Cardas DT880 SR60, 80i, 325i, & GS1000i Want or try: PS1000 HD800 R10 Omega2 K1000
  13. vdub

    Which one will it be: Sennheiser 650 or Beyerd 880 or AKG 702?

    Take a look at the line-up from Grado. The RS2i and up are very pleasing to listen to.
  14. vdub

    gs1000 pads on rs-1

    I actually dont mind the sound. I have a set of SR325i's and I put the GS1K pads on them every once n a while just to get a variety of sound. I like treble as you can tell.
  15. vdub

    Help me with an amp, $400-550

    Take a look a the Woo Audio 3 or 6. Tube, and they sound great for the price.
  16. vdub

    sr60 or ahd1001?

    Just get them both and return the one you don't like. Everyone's ear is different. I personally like the grados. But I have 4 pair, so I'm kinda partial to the grado sound.
  17. vdub

    HD650/HD600 Stock or After Market Cable?

    I aggree with suntory times all the way. First a balanced setup is superior to a single ended cable and the jena labs cryo is one of the best wire you can get for warmth and detail IMO. ALO audio makes a nice cable, yet a bit pricey.
  18. vdub

    HeadRoom Huge Prices?

    I aggree with boomy3555 the overall price may be higher than their competitors, but the customer service ic second to none. I've been a customer for a few years and they've never steered my ears in the wrong direction.
  19. vdub

    Comfortable kind of portable rock phones

    Just go with anything Grado. There small light and "built to rock."
  20. vdub

    Creek OBH 11 for use with AKG 240S?

    The Creek is a good amp for the price. It's suprisingly has a low noise floor and super smooth. I honestly have no complaints with it. Good rule of thumb with this amp though. Have low impedance headphones because it cant power anything with headphones that well with over 300 ohms. But it can...
  21. vdub

    [[everybody let's play]]identify these headphones these headphones Timbaland is wearing (videos inside)

    You are all thinking way to hard, the correct answer is the Sony MDR-V700DJ's.
  22. vdub

    New Headphones

    i would definitley say the SR225's but you should consider the K240's from AKG Acoustics.
  23. vdub

    KSC 75's to MS-1? SR-80?

    I agree with BluesDaddy, it is dangerous to your wallet. I wanted a better sounding headphone and two years later... I have a pair of SR325i's, Creek OBH11, Fubar 2 dac, K701's, and HD650's. Great sound is definitely addicting.
  24. vdub

    AC/DC or Van Halen (Cast your vote)

    AC/DC is rock at it purest form... Hard, simple, and in your face. It has to be AC/DC all the way baby