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  1. wrathzombie

    PX 100 II (recable) has anyone tried it?

    Guys, if anyone has tried recabling PX 100 II, please provide pictures and detailed instruction. Thank you for all the help...
  2. wrathzombie

    Cheapest, Good Quality DAC, with RCA Output

    Please provide names of Cheapest DACs with RCA output.
  3. wrathzombie


    I am looking for a source which could act as an input to a Pioneer Stereo receiver. Here are the requirements.   - Should be cheapest - Should provide coaxial output/hdmi, that could be fed into the the receiver. - Should support music playback from external harddrive/pendrive. - Should...
  4. wrathzombie

    KAAV (Malayalam Post/Math Rock Instrumental Band)

    Yesterday I discovered an interesting Post/Math Rock instrumental band from Kerala called 'Kaav'' and I was impressed. I went ahead and bought their EP as well as the album.   Website: KAAV   Check out their website for streaming tracks.     Bio Kaav is an Indian trio...
  5. wrathzombie

    INEARCUSTOM - Cheapest re-shell ever?

    I just recently got my XBA-3's reshelled through inearz who did an amazing job. For the past few months, I have been searching head-fi for the cheapest reshell option and at the time inearz seemed to be the cheapest.   The reshell including cable + return shipping (excluding impressions) was...
  6. wrathzombie

    Closed can equivalent of Hifiman RE-262

    Need some advice on a closed can equivalent of Hifiman RE-262. Would prefer if they have velour pads. Please help?   Budget <$200
  7. wrathzombie


    SONY MDR-V6 REMOVABLE CABLE MOD   DISCLAIMER: Try it at your own risk   Components Required:   3.5 mm Female Chassis Mount (Slimmest One available)   Soldering Iron, solder, etc Dremel Tool Thin Wires   IMPORTANT POINTS TO NOTE:   The width of the cup is very...
  8. wrathzombie

    Velour pads for ZX-700 ??

    Can someone suggest which velour pads would fit for MDR ZX-700? I tried searching but was unable to find anything.    
  9. wrathzombie

    Something similar to MDR-ED12LP/R

        I am looking for earplugs which have a similar design to Sony MDR-ED12LP/R. I am not a big fan of IEs. Any suggestions