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  1. ASDFer

    Ety Auditioners: Please spell it out for me - Which has more bass? 4S or 4P

    If your player uses capacitors to couple the output (I'm pretty sure the iPod does) then you'll get a high-pass filter with low impedance headphones. In this case it may be better to go with the ER-4S, which won't roll off the bass as much. Sort of a compromise between subdued highs and bass...
  2. ASDFer

    Hard Disk MP3 players... which sounds best?

    Most are just going to say the best is the player they currently own. Good luck.
  3. ASDFer

    ihp-120 phone and line out, what do you use?

    You'll need a test harness that can sample the voltage across your headphones if you want to do load testing. Otherwise, just put the sound files on your player, then hook it up to the line-in on your sound card. Calibrate the input/output levels and then test.
  4. ASDFer

    ihp-120 phone and line out, what do you use?

    Those 1kHz intervals are the harmonics. The THD for the headphone out isn't that bad- those peaks are below -90dB. If you look at the end result, the THD is about .01%- really not that bad for portable audio. It's on par or better than the Karma at least and should be about the same as the iPod...
  5. ASDFer

    Inside the iHP-120...

    The FM radio needs some sort of ADC to feed its signal into the digital audio bus.
  6. ASDFer

    Inside the iHP-120...

    Quote: Originally posted by Traveller Thx, that's a great start Now the question is if say, this TLV0834I A/D is any good...? 8-bit... sounds scary to me...! I'm thinking that this ADC may be used for the FM radio section... Even the Motorola processor has a 12-bit ADC that could...
  7. ASDFer

    ihp-120 phone and line out, what do you use?

    Better stereo image, perhaps. There's no amplifier on the line out so there's probably less crosstalk on the power rails. However, you pay the price with rolled off treble and bass (unless this is what you like) since the line out can't properly provide the current to low impedance loads. You'll...
  8. ASDFer

    Karma Headphone out vs. Iriver Ihp-120 line out?

    Ah yes, I thought you were one of those crazy directional wire-impedance matching guys. Apologies.
  9. ASDFer

    Karma Headphone out vs. Iriver Ihp-120 line out?

    Why would you want to match input impedance on an amplifier to the output impedance on the source? For modern amps, the goal is maximum voltage transfer; for this to happen you want a much higher input than output impdeance. For the amplifier to speakers stage, impedance matching will give...
  10. ASDFer

    Karma Headphone out vs. Iriver Ihp-120 line out?

    The recent firmware (1.4) does not change the EQ behavior at the line out port as measured by RMAA (and it's very apparent when listening too.) I don't know if I quite agree with your assessment of the volume control Kelvie. The volume could be controlled by just setting the maximum voltage...
  11. ASDFer

    Karma Headphone out vs. Iriver Ihp-120 line out?

    IMO, you can't say a line out is amped just because it has the same apparent sound level as the headphone jack. Also, would you not call the output from a phono pre-amp line level, even though these by necessity do some equalization of the signal? I think line out is a very loosely defined term...
  12. ASDFer

    Karma Headphone out vs. Iriver Ihp-120 line out?

    Do you have evidence that the line-out is amped? When I made my measurements: the line out had distortion under a low impedance load, which indicates to me that it is not amped. I think out of the box, the players have essentially the...
  13. ASDFer

    Bass: MD vs MP3

    The iRiver offers neutral bass with the EQ off: With the UBASS and ROCK EQ options, there is about a 15dB boost between 0-40Hz and a roll off from there to 200 Hz. The ROCK EQ adds about 3dB to the 10kHz+ band. My listening impressions: neutral sounds very good with ER-4"S"- you...
  14. ASDFer

    iHP-120 v Rio Karma - perhaps a limited arg. for iHP

    I just realized that having a frequency dependant load might be a bit confusing (the response curve plots voltage...) so I've redone a measurement with a constant 51 ohm load: 51 ohm test As you can see, it no longer looks like there is increased high frequency response (it's actually...
  15. ASDFer

    Best For iPod under $150

    Hey oddball, thanks for the info regarding the tips. That is good stuff IMO! I live in a pretty sheltered area for electronics, so I haven't even seen the EX71 in stores... As far as exaggeration goes, I wasn't referring to you CrawlingEye. I think your approach was very balanced in fact.
  16. ASDFer

    Best For iPod under $150

    Here's my problem with always suggesting e2c+ex71 mod. How does one obtain the sleeves from an ex71 if one does not already own said headphones? Buying e2c+ex71 can get rather pricy. It seems to me the e2c would be a good choice alone if the sound is right for the purchaser. Also, please be...
  17. ASDFer

    In-ear phones dangerous?

    I used my Etys for the first time last night in my very noisy work environment. Every time I took them out to talk to someone, the ambient noise of the exhaust fans seemed nearly deafening compared to the music I was listening to. In my case, I am starting to think that listening to music is...
  18. ASDFer

    DSPs: Convert Stereo to Binaural

    OK here it is: HRTF plugin It now has slider controls to control the "virtual" speakers. Enjoy.
  19. ASDFer

    DSPs: Convert Stereo to Binaural

    I just threw together a plug-in for foobar2k to play around with HRTF data. I'm using some IRCAM HRTF data and have yet to put a selectable speaker location on a dialog. I'll post the plugin soon. It's kind of fun to listen to the incompatible HRTFs (the one I'm listening to right now images...
  20. ASDFer

    High voltage DAC

    I think the output filter design (really the heart of the sound for a so-called digital amplifier) would be extremely difficult to design around those voltages. I may be offbase here, but I'd have to look into the response characteristics of power MOSFETs that can handle 400V. It may require...
  21. ASDFer

    Help my identify this...

    A little late?: I think it's Pachelbel's canon in D
  22. ASDFer

    Shure E5c Impressions. Ety comparison.

    Quote: Originally posted by lindrone MP3 compression chops off some amount of highs and lows, regardless of which bitrate and encoding format you use. I was using LAME on highest VBR settings and highest analyzation settings.. and it was still occuring. [/B] Can you post some...
  23. ASDFer

    ihp 120 concert recording

    The built-in microphone isn't very good, and when it's inside the case you get all sorts of feedback from the unit itself. The external mic works quite well, though the gain stage on the input is sort of weak. Perhaps a more efficient microphone would help this out, or you could build your own...
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