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  1. robk

    Those who waiting Xin amp, post and get your date of arrival !

    I have a super macro III, and I want to send it in for upgrades, but I don't know how long I will be without it if I do. I would also like to get a reference amp and/or super micro IV, but I don't want to wait, so I haven't ordered them. When I got my III, I waited about 10 days between...
  2. robk

    Ultra Super Tiny Mini Meet (Only 2 Head-Fiers)

    Vorlon, I notice you have some ety ER-4P/Ss. I have these as well, and a Xin Macro III. I find that bass boost to be seesential for my Etys, and as such, was considering a super-mini IV as an even more portable amp than my macro III. After reading this thread, I am now wondering what you...
  3. robk

    IEM for sleeping needed

    I decided on the Sony ex71s based on the other sleep thread I found here. I already have a decent pair of IEMs in my Etys ER-4Ps, so I am not looking to spend that much. I also plan on some new custom IEMs next year (UE, sensa, westone perhaps, we'll see what's available) as I get my PhD this...
  4. robk

    IEM for sleeping needed

    I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for an IEM for using while sleeping. I would like to try some brainwave entrainment audio, as I have sleep problems, and they require headphones for proper usage. However, I sleep on my side, so I need an earphone that will 'disappear.' I have the...
  5. robk

    Pictures of your Portable Rig II - The Journey Continues.

    Quote: Originally Posted by unitnumber43 I don't know how anyone can call a +amp setup portable, lol. That's like calling the old suitcase computers "laptops". :nudge: :nudge: how many of you remember suitcase computers...cmon. we know you're that old. My iP{od plus Super...
  6. robk

    Pictures of your Portable Rig II - The Journey Continues.

    Well, here is my portable rig. Still looking for the right case, and currently just use a blue rubber band to hold the 2 pieces together. The amp has 2 smal;l strips of mylar with adhesive backing stuck to it to keep it from scrathing the ipod.
  7. robk

    SuperMacro-3 review, again

    So does your amp hum with no adapter, but just the battreries? rob
  8. robk

    SuperMacro-3 review, again

    You can read it agin right here. No humming while charging the batteries. rob
  9. robk

    Replacing the cable of er4p/s ?

    plus the cables are actually plugged in. See this site for an example: rob
  10. robk

    Gilmore Lite and/or SuperMacro for Etys?

    If you are going to get a SM, get the ety 4Ps and the 4 feature switches, More flexibility. I can't compare the 2 amps, but I can say the Ety 4Ps are DRAMATICALLY improved with the SM3 with the 4 feature switches. This pair was really made for each other in my opinion. rob
  11. robk

    grado discomfort

    The key to making the grados wearable is getting the perfect bend to the head band and breaking in the foam through use. They will get there. I am so tactily ensative that I used exclusively my MDR-F1s for a long time becausse no other headphone was comfortable enough to replace them...
  12. robk

    What normal person uses these headphones?

    I had my grados and ety 4Ps lopng before I discovered head-fi. Thanks to head fi, I now have a Xin Super Macro 3 as well. Prior to finding head-fi I had no idea I could get such a high quality portable amp, and I listen to music almost exclusively portably these days. I did find head-fi while...
  13. robk

    Your Dream Setup....

    I would like my iPod to have a useable EQ, to be even smaller, with my Super Macro built in, and the 4 feature switched activated through the UI, and some UE-10s, and a 1TB HD so I can store my music library in uncompressed format. . . and Mingus in my living room would make a nice home system.
  14. robk

    Got my Super Macro V3.0

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jon L With 637's, are you flipping the "gain" switch to high position? Do you have any 627 to compare to 637? I have the 627s, but it will probably be a couple of weeks before I take out the 637s. I really want to get a good feel lfor them before I...
  15. robk

    ER4S vs ER4P

    I like the 4P in "S mode" via the impedance switch on my SM 3. I never listen to them without an amp anymore (that is, for the 2 days I have had the amp.)
  16. robk

    iPod h phones and amp

    I have the Ety ER-4Ps and an iPod, and I tell you, they do bennefit greatly from an amp. They also bennefit greatly from being converted into the ER-4Ss with the adapter of your choice. I got my Xin Super Macro 3.0 today, and it really is the missing piece in the iPod-Ety marriage. I got mine...
  17. robk

    Got my Super Macro V3.0

    Too early for any detailed notes, but ... I am in the middle of the second playing of the first song on my SM3. I am playing from the line out of my mini dock connected yo my ipod with a Xin interconnect and listening with my ER-4Ps. I have the 4 feature switches, and am using the...
  18. robk

    Allofmp3 found not worthy of criminal pursuit

    As a former virtually unknown recording artist, I never had a problem with people pirating my band's CDs. If I had gotten rich from music I would care even less. The record companies are probably hurting artists more than p2p file sharers imo. Not the big artists taht sell a couple million...
  19. robk

    SuperMacro-3 is available with promotion (2XBUF634 for free)

    Quote: Originally Posted by robk I have not heard via e-mail about mine shipping, but I am the holder of order # 36312357, so I am hopeful that it will be here tomorrow. I will also get my custom ear molds for my etys tomorrow. portable audio bonanza tomorrow! rob Well, the...
  20. robk

    What material for ER-4 ear molds?

    I got 'em today. you can read my initial impressions here:
  21. robk

    koss plugs?

    They pretty much sound like crap. I got 2 pairs for $25 shipped though, and as a result they have every right to sound as they do. I got a pair for my sister who can't tell the difference in sound between my grados and her iPod buds, and she just wanted a pair of ear buds that would stick in her...
  22. robk

    custom IEMs: Molds for my Etys or UE10s?

    I just got back from the audiologists office. I have not had much time to listen to them, and probably won't. I woke up with a cold and have a pounding headache. that said, I thought I would post my initial impressions based on a very short listen. They sound like the etys still. Again, this...
  23. robk

    What material for ER-4 ear molds?

    I ordered mine through westone (and I get them today! yay!) and went with the silicone. I only had 2 choiced through westone, vinyl or silicone. I went with the silicone. I have had the vinyl musicians plugs in the past. I will let you know what I think about seal and comfort when I get them. rob
  24. robk

    custom IEMs: Molds for my Etys or UE10s?

    I get my custom molds for my etys today (tues). I'll let you know what I think tomorrow. rob
  25. robk

    Napster to Go opinions

    If they are in fact 128k WMA files, I am less interested than I was before reading that, and I started out pretty uninterested. rob