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  5. Jimmysilvers

    Akg K-512

    Hello, I have just seen the following headphones in a local music shop: Here Does anyone know anything about them ? There appears to be no reviews on the internet yet !
  6. Jimmysilvers

    The Official Grado 325i Owners Club.

    Quote: How do you like them compared to the 701s ? I was thinking about getting a pair of 701s too, but it looks like you switched over to the 325i instead. Well I got a pair of 501 and 701s at the same time and I found although the 701 were a little more detailed than the 501s, they...
  7. Jimmysilvers

    Do you wear your Grados in public places, bus, subway, etc.

    I wear my SR60s out because they (a) sound good and (b) keep my ears warm in the -20 Kingston weather. I try to keep the volume to a level that won't attract attention. Although I have seen one or two other grado wearers from time to time, although never when I have mine on .
  8. Jimmysilvers

    Deal on an Azure 540V

    I am glad to hear that the player is working well as a transport. Good luck with getting the amp section fixed.
  9. Jimmysilvers

    .. package arrived in my mail today .. what's this ?

    A pair of MX500 sent by a very cautious person
  10. Jimmysilvers

    Admit to it: you wear headphones in public that you shouldn't!

    Normally just my Etymotic ER-6s which don't notice much at all, although the way they stick straight out has resulted in me getting one or two looks. Once I had them in, with the cord wrapped around my ears and dark specs on and a military police car drove by me and slowed down. When I...
  11. Jimmysilvers

    Which Amp for Shuffle & Etymotic ER6s

    Hello, I was wondering which pocket amps are well matched for an ipod shuffle and my Etymotics. I suppose another question I should ask is, as the shuffle already has a quite good output is an amp really required or show an improvement. I am not looking to spend too much, any thoughts on...
  12. Jimmysilvers

    Which gen ipod has best SQ?

    Following on from what blessingx was saying, a recent issue of Hi-Fi + said that for mobile listening the first generation Ipods had the better sound of most portable mp3 sources. They recommended a 1G Ipod and Etymotics for listening on the go. I have never heard one so I can't say...
  13. Jimmysilvers

    New 24/192 dac from china-nice!

    The DY2000 is very mysterious, it by all accounts is an Analog Devices Op-amp, but when I contacted them about it, they did not recognise the model. I am going to send them more info at some point to see if they can yet still identify this op-amp.
  14. Jimmysilvers

    Zhalou 1.3 Dac Headphone Upgrade. (56k Beware)

    I think roger is correct as Lawrence e-mailed me asking if I would be interested in the clock upgrade, so it must fit. James
  15. Jimmysilvers

    Zhalou 1.3 Dac Headphone Upgrade. (56k Beware)

    This is the only mod I have had done to the dac.
  16. Jimmysilvers

    Zhalou 1.3 Dac Headphone Upgrade. (56k Beware)

    I have just installed the headphone upgrade for my Zhalou 1.3 Dac. The installation was relatively trouble free. I used the very useful installation photos on the Zhalou The new headphone section not only improves the headphone output, it also allows you to by-pass the dac using...
  17. Jimmysilvers

    What did you buy yourself this Christmas? :)

    Got HD600s and The best of Led Zeppelin cd.
  18. Jimmysilvers

    Tivoli "Model" CD Player

    I seem to remember quite a favourable mini-review in a British Hi-fi magazine. It may have even been what hi-fi. Have you seen this:
  19. Jimmysilvers

    New 24/192 dac from china-nice!

    Quote: not to be mean, but maybe a $75 Go-Vibe would serve better than trying to make the headphone out of the Zhao servicable? I mean, it's a DAC - you can thread it to an amp! You could well be correct, but I will give the upgrade a go. I maybe was mistaking under the impression...
  20. Jimmysilvers

    New 24/192 dac from china-nice!

    I have ordered the headphone upgrade from Lawerence Once installed I will post my findings here.
  21. Jimmysilvers

    Show your Wallpapers

    A non-head fi wallpaper, but it's what is on my desktop. I took this photo when I was observing on Mauna Kea, Hawaii. The full size verison is here:
  22. Jimmysilvers

    Av710 No sound

    I hope you can find a solution to your problem. I too only seemed to be getting digital output. But I have nothing to test the output with. But I grew too inpatient I am afraid and got another card.
  23. Jimmysilvers

    Av710 No sound

    Thanks for the suggestions, but tried those and still no joy. I think I may have a faulty card, as I tried it in another computer and I have the exact same issues. Cheers, James
  24. Jimmysilvers

    Av710 No sound

    This is the error message I get with the 143d drivers:
  25. Jimmysilvers

    Av710 No sound

    Hello I have just installed a new av710. I first of all used the drivers on the cd and the card installed fine. But no sound is heard from any of the sockets. I then tried the via drivers as suggested by a guide of the forums and I get an error message and the envy panel program will not...