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  1. alpha80

    Long hiatus: any new closed headphones as bright and detailed as T90, K701, MDR-V6 ?

    Title says it all! Anything closed thats BRIGHTER than my K812 made in austria (but just as detailed) which i found just a tiny hint too warm ? I love my T90 Jubilee, love my K701/Q701/K812, but I don't get many hours on any of them, maybe only the T90 has over 100hours. I simply use closed...
  2. alpha80

    Your favorite circumaural, closed, high-end headphone?

    What is it? Why? More than one?
  3. alpha80

    Brand New Beastie Boys...

    They got a new instrumental album coming out. Here goes 2 cuts. Killer Bass sound on the first one. If these are hints... ...they may have another "Namaste" or "Transitions" on there.
  4. alpha80

    That Ultrasone CD.......

    Would anyone be generous enough to share it ?? ??? Thanks. Peace.
  5. alpha80

    The Ultrasone CD....

    Would anyone be kind enough to post it up ?? ??? Thanks. Peace.
  6. alpha80

    Most Durable cord on IEM/Buds?

    Looks like alot of people like Shure E5 for IEM's: ...But given that the IEM/Bud market been exploding over the last few years, I'd guess new sets been coming out constantly.... ...What, IYE, what has been the strongest, thickest, most...
  7. alpha80

    Top selling headphones ?

    What are some of the best selling headphone models in history. Hi-End, Lo-End, Sony, Koss, AKG, Senn, etc..... I know we have a few heads here that know.... Thanks people.
  8. alpha80

    Favorite Euphonic Non-Referance Headphone

    What is it ?
  9. alpha80

    HeadRoom for Speakers ??

    Anyone know a site/link for sites similar to HeadRoom... ...only for speakers ?? Especially if they have frequency response graphs.... Thanks in advance.
  10. alpha80

    Head-Fi for speakers ?

    Is there a Head-Fi for high end speakers ? If anyone has a link to good speaker forums, link away... Thanks.
  11. alpha80

    Favorite 32ohm headphone?

    What's your personal favorite 32ohm/low impedance model ?