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  1. DoctaCosmos

    Any speakers that sound like utopia?

    got to hear the utopia yesterday and was blown away. I’d never seen such perfect textural colors with perfect amount of solidity to them. Not to thin, not too thick just right. I especially loved the black background the sound emit from not to dissimilar from how a good closed back or semi...
  2. DoctaCosmos

    Best way to stream from iPad to DAC?

    Hi I recently got an iPad to replace my desktop and as I was hoping to make it more transportable. I have a DAC (peach tree audio dac it) and I would like to find a decvice that will connect to my iPad and stream music via tidal and Spotify without having to directly connect it with a cord...
  3. DoctaCosmos

    anyone experience the denon ah-d600 and also either of the two Fostex TH models?

    If you have i was wondering if the imaging was like one another.  I have heard the ah-d600 and i couldn't get over how entranced i was by the music due to the way the headphone imaged.  It literally took over my brain.  Not something i have experienced with any open headphone. 
  4. DoctaCosmos

    Need help from someone that has experience with dynamic and planar. Understanding of speed and detail

    I have spent the last 5-6 years listening to headphones every day for hours on end.  I have owned quite a few different ones but all being dynamic drivers.  My most recent purchase the hifiman he-400 has me drooling over the advantages of the planar design.  For the first time i have been able...