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  1. zcx

    Do you feel VACUITY sometimes in your life?

    Sometimes I feel my life is so vacuity. At that time, nothing can bring me back my interest. I was totally lost my energy. And I just want to end my life hence to stop the vacuity on me.
  2. zcx

    Where is "search"?

    I used to see it was on the top of the page, but where has it gone? Was "search" limited for a few members or it was canceled?
  3. zcx

    Police's Car in Italy!--amazing!?!

    For those of you who like overspeed when you driving.(In Italy) PLEASE PLEASE BE CAREFUL! These damn news will let you know ----- whatever you drive, once you was found by police! Well, Well, it is mre harder to escape than before! Why? Because of the damn car!
  4. zcx

    I am about to die!

    I am now having cough, headache, snivel, and pain of my voice, etc! damn! I feel just like @#$@#$#$^&%^&( Please give me some really useful advice to save me out of this HELL!
  5. zcx

    A silly question about PayPal.

    Hi, guys. As you know, I am selling my HiEnd setup at the moment. I have a Paypal account, and I can accept Paypal payment. Some Headfier interested in my setup, and of course, they Booked them. When we made a deal, the way they pay...
  6. zcx

    New headphone of SONY (pics)~

    As we know R10 has been SONYs flagship for 15years long, now Sony Corporation have there new headphone, which will cost about US$2500(more or less),and its name is QUALIA 010. something similiar to r10s is Sony wont pruduce this phone until get the order from customers! Well, in my opinion...
  7. zcx

    History of Sennheiser HE60/HEV70?(Baby Orpheus)

    As one of the system owner, I have been listening for the Baby Orpheus system for a long time~ I do think the sound of this system is not as bad as someone said~ And the same time, I compare it with my R10s system, I will also compare it with SR007s/KGSS system which will coming soon~ For a...
  8. zcx

    What a news! Sennheiser Orpheus II ?!

    As I heard from a dealer of Sennheiser, there wiil be a new electrostatic system replace the Orpheus which maybe calld " Orpheus-2" or something like that. Sennheiser are now doing there research on this system, and perhaps we'll soon find it on the market?! As for the price of the new...
  9. zcx

    Suggestions for my Baby Orpheus?!

    I have been looking around and searching for the replacement pads for my Baby Orpheus. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. So, any good ideas from you omniscient guys to me to get the new replacement pads for my he60/hev70 system? Thanks?~
  10. zcx

    Headphone import duty in AUstralia?

    I just order a W1000 from Japan. It now has been sent to Australia. And the "Express Post" also give me a letter said, "Guaranteed Next Day Delivery". But there is nothing say about the import duty in the letter. All they said in the letter are something about the customs Tel, Fax, Business...
  11. zcx

    upgrade the cables for my system.

    I am now using Meridian 507.24 CD player, and I will soon receive the HR-2 amp for my HD600s. I am thinking about upgrade the 600s, 2 kinds of cables that I am thinking about: Equinox and zu cable. So, which is better for my system? What about the power cable, anyone recommend a cable that...