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  1. TheDreamthinker

    Noise, Reverb & Dissonance [Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Post Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Ambient & more]

      Welcome to   Noise, Reverb & Dissonance    'Noise': 'A sound, especially one that is loud or unpleasant or that causes disturbance.' - Oxford Dictionary of English -        Welcome to Noise, Reverb & Reverb, the thread where we would like to discuss musicians which, throughout the...
  2. TheDreamthinker

    Jakarta Get-Together - August 2014

    Jakarta Get-Together - August 2014     The meet will take place:     23rd August 2014   2pm - Open End   Chill In Cafe STC Senayan Ground floor #129 Senayan   Free*     Kalau tidak bisa datang tolong PM saya. Kalau ada orang yang masih mau SignUp bisa PM saya.     See you...
  3. TheDreamthinker

    A Never-Ending Torrent Download - Question

    Dear Head-Fi community,   I am downloading a quite big file (7.75GB) via Bittorrent. After weeks of patience, the download reached 90.3%, but now, it won't continue.   I do have 2 Peers, but those are also stuck at 90.3% as i am. And can't / won't Seed. EDIT: 3 Peers   Is there any...
  4. TheDreamthinker

    Levi's RedWire ?

    Hi,   I was given a pair of cheapo headphones by a friend of mine. By far not Audiophile looking (but not bad sounding).   Strangely they said "Levi's Redwire".   Has anyone every seen Levis iems?   Thanks
  5. TheDreamthinker

    Audiovox Bernstein ITR 10 Kirsche

    Hi,   Yesterday I saw a tube amp in my local electronic store.   It was from a brand called Audiovox. As i don't know the brand, some feedback on this brand/amp.   Thanks for Your  Help,   TheDreamthinker
  6. TheDreamthinker

    How to bend wood?

    Hi,   I am a noob in DIY.   I had the idea of building a own headphone stand. I already have a few design ideas.   But they more or less all involve bending wood to a very high degree. Similar to the Omega Headstandes, which IMO cost extremly much for just a piece of bended wood...
  7. TheDreamthinker

    Questions about Inception

    Hi Head-fiers,   I watched Inception for the 5th time.   I've still got some basic questions about it.   1. Can Limbo be seen as another dimension (nobody dreams it)? 2. Why did Cobb stay in Limbo for 50 years, could he not simply kill himself in the first week? 3. Why did he...
  8. TheDreamthinker

    Is it possible, to change the ipod touch 4G's DAC?

    Is it possible, to change the ipod touch 4G's DAC?   And how much would the average improvement? And how much would it cost?     Thanks Everyone
  9. TheDreamthinker

    What are Reference Recordings good for?

    Hi,   I am almost 100% sure, that i'm in the wrong forum, and feel free to move this thread.   I just downloaded some cd called "XLO & Reference Recordings Test And Burn-In CD".....what is it actually good for? how does it work?   Thanks Head-Fi community
  10. TheDreamthinker

    Sennheiser ie7 vs Klipsch s4

    Hi,   First of all, I know that they are both not in the same pricerange.   Can somebody compare the not regarding the price?     Thanks
  11. TheDreamthinker

    Earphones.....for on the go.

      Hi People,   Until now I have been using the crap Sony MDR Ex35 and now they are broken. At the moment I'm using the Technics RP-FT30 (a bit metallic in the mids and a bit weak with bass) for home-use. On the go, i got the Denon NC732 (bass unfocused and a bit metallic)   I'm...
  12. TheDreamthinker

    Is there scientific evidence that "Pink Noise"-Burn-In changes the sound?

    Hi,   My question is stated above. Does Pink Noise- Burn In scientifically change the sound?   Thanks  
  13. TheDreamthinker

    Does every pair of headphones need a different cable to sound good?

    Hi,   I heard that cables are very important for good music. And i want would like know whether every set of headphones needs a different cable. Like with Amps,  every pair of cans needs a different one to get the 100% potential out of it. Is it the same with cables?     Thanks
  14. TheDreamthinker

    How much better is Apple lossless quality?

    Hi   I heard the Apple lossless quality is good. How much better is the quality? And because i got 8GB, i'm not keen on wasting space.     Thanx     
  15. TheDreamthinker

    Are Irivers better then iPods?

    Hi Folks,   My question is whether the iriver is better than iPod (in general).  I own an old iPod nano 3G at the moment and i just wanna know what kind of mp3 to take if this one breaks.   A would also appreciate other options...     Thanks