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  1. fuzzybaffy

    Beats Solo 2 a little light on treble?

    So, I picked up a pair of Beats Solo 2 on a whim, because I'm looking for a cheap, disposable $100-$150 headphone. I was expecting this headphone to be a typical V-shaped, "exciting" headphone, but I'm actually finding the treble to be a bit laidback. Am I crazy? Or is this how the Solo 2...
  2. fuzzybaffy

    How important is impedance matching? ie. Is 1/5 ok?

    So I just recently purchased a pair of TH-900's, and I'm trying to understand what is the best way to drive them.    I can either just run it out of my computer on-board card, or run it off my Matrix M-stage stack.    The problem is, the Matrix M-Stage has an output impedance of 5 ohms...
  3. fuzzybaffy

    Headphones that are most like the Grado HP-1?

    Hi there,    I currently own the Sennheiser HD-650, and I've owned it for a few months.    But just today, I decided to give my old Grado HP-1 a bit of a run, and while I absolutely love the sound out of the HD-650, the Grado HP-1 was a really, really refreshing change.    The...
  4. fuzzybaffy

    Best "jack-of-all trades" closed headphone?

    So, I'm currently enjoying and loving the Sennheiser HD-650, but I find it's a bit inconsistent with what it's good with. Some tracks sound simply amazing with the HD-650, yet, others fall completely flat. I don't remember having this problem with any other high-end pair of headphones before...
  5. fuzzybaffy

    Running speakers and my headphones out of the computer at the same time?

    So, I have a Matrix M-Stage Amp + DAC stack (so, the DAC is the standalone, not the cheap one that comes with the USB version of the M-Stage amp), with a pair of Sennheiser HD-650's.   I also have a really cheap pair of powered computer speakers by Altec Lansing. Is there any way I can use...