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  1. Greeink

    D4 'Mamba' DAC - Issues

    Fellow Headfier's,   Hopefully I'm posting this in the right area, if not, moderators please feel free to move this. Anyways..I'm having some sort of problem with my D4 Mamba, just this very moment I've been using my Mamba DAC, while watching a movie. I was using my Beyers, when suddenly the...
  2. Greeink

    Recommendations Please

    I've been taking a good look at many portable DAC/ AMP 's and I think I've decided on the iBasso D10 Cobra to go along with my beyerdynamic DT-880 Pros (250 Ohms).... I'll mostly be using this through a desktop, with a little portability on the side. I hear the D10 softens up the bass a...