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  1. Hoagie

    The Beyerdynamic DT880 Discussion thread

    the magni has a gain switch. Are you sure you don't have the gain set to low. Volume is not a problem with the magni and my k701 which is fairly hard to drive
  2. Hoagie

    Grado e Series

    I cannot pull up a search on my iPad. Have not tried my computer.
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    Grado e Series

    I'm with Stacker as well, but a different angle. It is true that instruments can measure the physics of sound signature better than our ears. The issue however is that you are measuring the wrong thing. The issue should be do you like the sound signature. Physics has no answer for this question...
  4. Hoagie

    AKG K240 Studio owners please share your experience

    This often happens when your amp does not have enough power to handle the short surges caused by the change in dynamics in your music. While I have never experienced clipping with the e 11, it's very unlikely I play my music as loud
  5. Hoagie

    Looking to upgrade my headphones

    Most headphones do everything ok, but something's excellent. My first recommendation to you would be to think about what you listen the most. And match to that type of music. I listen to pretty much the same as you, but jazz, blues, and classic rock occupy most of my time. My k701 are my...
  6. Hoagie

    M-Audio Q40 Impressions (long w/pics)

    I personally don't believe these are good for jazz. To my ears they are a change of pace headphone which can perhaps be fun for a short time, but the bass is overwhelming for jazz
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    Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

    I don't the dac will work with either Apple device. I think you are limited to an amp only. My experience is the my iPods do well with an external amp when you use a line out connection Using a mini to mini connection adds volume, but does not make much difference sound wise. I would get an...
  8. Hoagie

    HD598s.. Magni2Uber vs Vali

    Vali. By a wide margin. Now you have read conflicting reports. Good luck with your decision
  9. Hoagie

    Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

    I just bought the small HIFIMAM amp and I am using the stock tubes. I prefer this to the to the Asgard 1. Right now I have to maintain two residences, so have the vali on order. I am expecting a similar performance
  10. Hoagie

    Need something similar to AKG K240

    I don't think you will find anything that will meet all your requirements , here are a couple I would consider Grado. 60. Slightly above your price line and will be brighter however far superior to the porta pros. They will be larger than the porta pros but much smaller than the 240. I am not...
  11. Hoagie

    On a mission to like jazz

    Will do. I suppose I will post several times. I hope you check out the band I mentioned. I would be interested in what you think. Other than one album where they covered Cab Calloway, it's mostly original.
  12. Hoagie

    On a mission to like jazz

    I have not read the entire thread, so.if I am repeating someone my apologies. It seems like there is a concentration on jazz after the big split in the late 40's. This is when jazz started becoming listening music rather than dancing music. So I am going to go a different way. I would recommend...
  13. Hoagie

    The Beyerdynamic DT880 Discussion thread

    I have to admit the somewhat off topic political issue amuses me.  Boomer's are not WWII.  WWII is our parents, and yes they are probably anti pot.  However they are not that large of a voting block any more.  As for boomer's, we grew up in the 60's and 70's.  Our generation is not likely all...
  14. Hoagie

    Is there diminishing return when it comes to headphone quality?

    yes the law of diminishing returns applies to headphones.  In addition many of us are limited by our hearing abilities as well.  there comes a point where many of us say that this is good enough.    where the point of "is it worth it" varies greatly from on user to another.  
  15. Hoagie

    Rock Music Fans Threat

    threat?  spell check can come up with some interesting results
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    Grado SR80 Impressions thread!

    If you own the headphone, trust your own ears for determining if it is appropriate for your preferred genre.  Your opinion is the only one that counts.  If you do not have the headphones to listen to, then asking for other opinions makes sense
  17. Hoagie

    Fostex t50rp VS Shure shr-440

    I don't think anyone can tell you which is the best for you.  They have very different sound signatures.  The Fostex is more engaging.  The 440 is more detailed.
  18. Hoagie

    Why would anyone want just one headphone?

    I think some are missing the point. There is a difference between only being able to afford one headphone and preferring one headphone.  I'm pretty sure that those of us with multiple headphones could only afford one at some point of our lives.  I don't think OP intended to be dismissive of the...
  19. Hoagie

    Sony MDR-V6 (and family) Impressions Thread

    I agree with HiFiMan's description and comparison with the HD-25.  I would never call these bright as a couple of people have described them.  I guess we all hear different things.
  20. Hoagie

    Is Grado evolving too slowly?

    I would not expect a whole lot of change from Grado for the following reasons   appearance.  this is almost like a trade mark.  no one else makes any thing that looks this way.  You can spot Grado's from a mile away and recognize them instantly   house sound.  Grado has this pretty much...
  21. Hoagie

    K701 thread

    jazz mostly
  22. Hoagie

    Should I replace my AKG 701s or treat them to a proper amp?

    the x can v8  is excellent.  I suggest staying with a hybrid.  I have tried them with two different hybrids and was happy.  was not happy with the solid state amp I tried them with.  sounded a bit thin.  perhaps just the luck of the draw with the 3 amps that I sampled, but who knows. 
  23. Hoagie

    How many do you need?

    x+1 where x is the number of headphones you have.  always a different sound signature to explore 
  24. Hoagie

    The Audio Technica M50 studio monitor thread

    I also still like mine.  I use them as semi portable.  I don't walk around with them, but use them in the library, coffee shop, etc.  I sometimes wonder if those who criticize have them amped.  Contrary to a lot of opinion I find these do benefit from portable amp when used with my ipod. 
  25. Hoagie

    Some doubts about beyerdynamic dt 990 pro (250ohm) compared to my old gaming headset (sennheiser pc 360).

    600 and 650 are open, not closed if that is an issue. The 600 is more subdued than the 598.   I don't have a recommendation per se.    By the way your English is better than many of us who don't have an excuse since it is our primary language.