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  1. ZoNtO

    8GB Silver Fuze for 60 shipped!

    Here's the slickdeals forum link: Yay for not plagiarising deals!! Anywho, has the Silver Fuze for 8gb on sale right now for 59.99 + tax + shipping: SanDisk Sansa Fuze 8GB Flash Portable Media Player from When you checkout, click "Add Promo Code" and type...
  2. ZoNtO

    Official 2008 Black Friday Deals Thread

    Best Buy- Sansa Fuze 4gb - 49.99 red/blue/pink, minimum of 5 per store Sansa Fuze 8gb - 69.99 silver, minimum of 5 per store Sansa Clip 4gb - 34.99 black/silver, minimum of 30 per store Circuit City Sansa Fuze 4gb - 49.99 Radio Shack Sansa Fuze 4gb - 49.99 Sansa Fuze 8gb -...
  3. ZoNtO

    Good deal on Beyerdynamic DT770 phones!

    Saw this on slickdeals today and though I would post it for y'all. About half off! beyerdynamic DT 770 Stereo Headphones: Electronics EDIT: Other beyer phones are on ridiculous sales too, just choose the model up by the price! DT880 are $187.
  4. ZoNtO

    Are there any portable headphone amps that...

    ... meet all these qualifications? 1. Have an onboard DAC 2. Have a built-in high capacity Li-Ion rechargable (via mini USB) battery 3. option for bass boost 4. have an ability to enable 75 ohm resistor (to change er4p to er4s basically) 5. volume knob so I can use an LOD from the iPod...