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  1. Mr.PD

    Post Your Photography Here #2

    I thought I would post one. I like the lighting on this one.
  2. Mr.PD

    Mystery Box: Revived!

    It's nice to hear that a box was found. I am going to opt out this time around. I sent the email as prescribed in an email I got.
  3. Mr.PD

    TV: digital cable or satellite?

    I have DirecTV. About 5 years ago I had the opportunity to go satellite and I took it. I have never had any regrets. Our local cable company was really bad back then. We did miss the local stations. Now we can get them for an extra cost. I've had far less problems with DirecTV than I ever had...
  4. Mr.PD

    So, Where Do You Hang out the Most on the Forum?

    I have never tried the view new posts function. I usually start out at the lounge. I spend most my my time there. I will check out the sub forums and the music forum. I need to spend more time in the amplification forum.
  5. Mr.PD

    HDCD list

    Just got the ZZ Top - Eliminator Collectors Edition CD/DVD. There is no mention of HDCD anywhere in the material, packaging or on the disc. But the CD does light up the HDCD light on my Arcam. BTW, the post above about 20 bit files is very interesting. Nice post newsjunkie356! Ho Ho...
  6. Mr.PD

    What's the last song you had on repeat?

    Big Log by Robert Plant.
  7. Mr.PD

    How old are you?

    Forty Nine here. Later this year I will hit the big five oh!
  8. Mr.PD

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.PD 2007 Mercury Milan Premiere I posted this a little over a year ago. That didn't last long. I traded it off for this: More befitting a single guy, wouldn't you say?
  9. Mr.PD

    What do we all do for a living?

    I ride freight trains for a living. One way one day, back home the next. Same 106 miles of track everyday. Seven days a week 52 weeks a year. On call 24/7. Been doing this for 28 years. It stinks, but it pays well. My official title is - Conductor
  10. Mr.PD

    What kind of TV do you own?

    Samsung 42" plasma HD, and a Samsung 27" LCD HD in the bedroom.
  11. Mr.PD

    Post your Photography Here!

    Here is an old picture taken with a Canon point and shoot digital. I took this the other day. I kinda like it.
  12. Mr.PD

    HDCD list

    Just picked up Roxette - A Collection of Roxette Hits, Their 20 greatest songs! On Capitol EMI. It lights up the HDCD light on my Arcam. There is no mention of HDCD on anywhere.
  13. Mr.PD

    How did you make your home more comfortable?

    I used to have a recliner. It took up too much space and cluttered up the room. Now all I have is a couch loveseat set. They are deep enough to lay on comfortably and have cushy arm rests. Combined with a large strudy coffee table I find this to be much better than a recliner. I throw a pillow...
  14. Mr.PD

    Post your Photography Here!

    This thread needs cooled off.
  15. Mr.PD

    Post your Photography Here!

    I thought I had already posted this picture here. I see that I didn't, so here it is. I took this last year, it's one of my favorites.
  16. Mr.PD

    Anyone now anything about rice cookers?

    Quote: Originally Posted by warubozu I don't put anything on my rice and yes in traditional Japanese or Chinese meal, shoyu (soy sauce) is in general not an accepted condiment to be added to rice by many. However, despite that quite a few of my friends who are Japanese and Chinese do...
  17. Mr.PD

    Do you own a digital camera that you Love? or hate? I'd like to know

    I have a Canon 20D that I like very well. I had a Nikon Coolpix 8800 that was very good for what it was. When I am able to upgrade again I will go with another Canon. Maybe the 5D or whatever replaces it in the next couple years.
  18. Mr.PD

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    Just recieved my Bunn My Cafe' Pod Brewer. I need a lawn mower and a new vacuum, but I can't use either of those without a cup of coffee, so I started with the coffee maker.
  19. Mr.PD

    Photo-Fi: Do you shoot in RAW or JPEG?

    I shoot in both. My Canon 20D has the option of both. Every photo is taken in both RAW and jpeg. I get six photos each time I press the shutter release. Three different exposure levels in both RAW and jpeg. In preview on my computer jpeg loads faster so I can go through all my photos...
  20. Mr.PD

    Match and Normalize functions.

    I use mpTrim. It doesn't seem to degrade my mp3s. I have the free version and my only complaint is that it won't work on longer songs (I think 6 minutes is the max length). I will have to purchase the program to do longer songs and batch processing.
  21. Mr.PD

    coffee online

    I have purchased coffee from ravensbrew several times. I always had a good experience with them. If I still had my French press and a grinder I would order from them now. Having neither of those items, I just buy Costa Rican Peaberry from and make one cup at a time.
  22. Mr.PD

    Your thoughts on 100% Non-Smoking Hotels?....

    I stay at a 100% non smoking hotel every other day. It has been that way since they built it. It's nice in that the rooms don't stink, but I find it a pain to have to go down from the third floor to the outdoors to smoke. I very seldom get a room on the first floor because those are held for the...
  23. Mr.PD

    Chicken: breasts or legs?

    Quote: Originally Posted by rb67 I voted for breast over leg, but I prefer thigh over both same here
  24. Mr.PD

    What do you do for a living/money?

    Proffesional hobo. I ride freight trains,..................... they call me the conductor.
  25. Mr.PD

    Happy Birthday plainsong

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!! and thanks for the great advice last August