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  1. Peter_S

    iFi iESL energizer

    Who has heard this upcoming product at any of the headphone shows with Stax 007's or 009's, and what are your impressions?  Thanks, Peter
  2. Peter_S

    Is there a slick way to print-out a multi-page thread?

    Hi all.  Some of these threads contain lots of good technical information, and I'd like to print them out and put them in a little binder for the equipment in question (in this case an Eddie Current Super 7).  Is there any way to get the whole thread on one continuous document without cutting...
  3. Peter_S

    Can I wash my Sennheiser HD800 earpads?

    Hi all.  I just bought a pair of used HD800's and the earpads have a fragrance to them I'd like to eliminate.  Can anyone give me advise about how to wash them?  I don't know if it's a good idea, but if it is OK, I would guess warm water and dish soap, press the moisture out into a towel, let...
  4. Peter_S

    Value of Making an SET Amp with Balanced Output

    Hello All.  I am looking for input from those who understand such things....   I have a pair of Audeze LCD3's that have both single-ended and balanced cables. I understand that the single-ended cables take the positive signals (+) from each channel and return the signals to a common ground.  I...
  5. Peter_S

    Kudos to Head-Fi

    I came to this forum to compliment the programmers. Coming from audiogon I am so appreciative of the functionality and ease of navigation. The email notifications keep me involved in the threads. I keep discovering new functionality that makes things easier. Despite all the "issues" mentioned on...
  6. Peter_S

    Valuing USED Heaphones

    Hi Folks.  As a new "consumer" here at head-fi, I cannot help but to note the difference in multiplier on used headphones here vs. multipliers for used equipment on Audiogon.  It's not uncommon to see equipment listed for sale at 20% off retail, or maybe 25% at best.  In contrast, used gear on...
  7. Peter_S

    Using Standard Audio Amplfiers as HP Amps

    I'm hoping someone can give a good account of the pros and cons of this approach.  Specifically, I've heard of people putting 10 ohm resistors across their speaker terminals, or whatever the appropriate values, to hook their headphones directly up to the speaker terminals and allow the amplifier...
  8. Peter_S

    Ming Da MC 84C07 Power Question - 220/10 - Please Help

    Hello to any of you current or former 84C07 users.   I just bought an 84C07 used here on Head-Fi, and one thing is perplexing me.  The power specifications on the back say 220V/50Hz - in two locations - once on the transformer and once above the IEC socket.  The photo on the Pacific Valve...
  9. Peter_S

    Amps for Sony CD3000's

    Hello All, I just heard a pair of CD3000's with a Berning MicroZOTL, and it kicked ****. I bought the cans, and now I need a good amp for them. I also own a pair of HD600's - so it would be nice if the amp drove both well. But I know the HD600's are high impedence whereas the Sony's are low...